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2004-10-15 04:25:00

I am in the USA with the normal case of Jet Lag, woke up at 3:00 AM and fortunately snagged a hotspot in the neighborhood where I am staying with my friend in Upton, Massachusetts. Really great thing about the USA is the free wireless connections and now at blazing speeds. Just drive a car into a nice neighborhood and you will find a free connection.

Food, sheets, and safe, nice to feel safe once in awhile, the people of the USA are spoiled rotten, and have no idea how great life is here, but for me I like a little danger so will be bored, but in a good way.

I am off to Indiana to see my family on the 17th of October and then back to Amsterdam on the 3rd of November. I am lucky to be able to voteā€¦. I normally am not worried, but the comment Kerry made about Korea and Iran makes me know he is clueless and I must vote for Bush. He does not seem to be able to stop being political even when the safety of the world is part of the conversation.

I think in some ways it would be good to have a new president of the USA just for some fresh blood, but Kerry is not an acceptable choice, even Hillary Clinton would be better, and that would make my mom happy, but she was too smart to run this time.


I got off the plane in JFK before transferring to the Comair for Boston, and was amazed at the lack of English. This is my country and they are really not from my country, this was embarrassing, why do I have to try to talk with people that speak worst English than the people in the airport in Amsterdam.

The spoke

- Something Spanish.

- Something from the inner city of New York

- Something hip or ragged out.

- Something Asian

Where did these people learn to speak English, they need pronunciation lessons, and Europeans speak clearer and better English?

Where are the Americans, this is the first impression of the world for the USA and it is not the USA I love.

Then the turkeys want 3 dollars for a cart for my bag, plus why would I have dollars in my pocket when I just came from Europe, I have Euros or Pounds and these carts should be for free or one dollar, not 3.

Embarrassing and gouging, the USA is sometime hated because we do put our worst foot in front of the world. The USA is NOT New York, or San Francisco and can the leader try to make the introduction to the silly Europeans better?


Thursday 5:10 AM, 14 October, 2004

I slept in the airport and probably more comfortable than the Hostel as I did not have to smell people or listen to people noises. The airport is ok to sleep in except the chairs have these hard handles between the seats with makes it difficult to stretch out on a series of seats. The ones here in the Amsterdam airport are not so bad, and the area with the little built in table allows enough space to lay down very comfortable. It is a little cold here, but I have both a down sleeping bag and a hammock that is now serving as both a cover sheet or clean sheets like a sleeping bag liner and also a light blanket. It worked very good and is exceptionally long and easy to cover myself.


There is a transportation strike today in Amsterdam with the buses, trains, but it appears not the taxis. They should love this because they will make a fortune today. This is why I slept in the airport as the cost of the taxi at maybe 40-50 Euros is stupid. Better to sleep in the airport, and the train yesterday was only 3.50 Euros.


I keep thinking about taking a quickie train or plane tour of Europe, I have found lockers in most airports or train stations in Europe and I could easily stop, lock up my bags, and go wandering around the city. Hop back on the plane or train to sleep the night. I really have almost no reason to sleep in an European city except to get the shower, but I could sponge it or survive for 3 days at a time, and there are strangely places to shower like the beach or other.

With the creation of and other discount airlines I can now randomly move between places according to the price. If one stretch is cheaper than I can move to that city, and then hop to the next. Europe for me is only frustrating because I spend too much time looking for Hostels that suck. I am used to living very good for my money, or I get extremely good value. When the airport is a better place to sleep than a Hostel this is sad.

I am totally disgusted with the Flophouse Hostels and their bars down below, this is not a Hostel it is greed. Give you nothing, and only suck money. The concept of a Hostel was originally thought up as a way to give youths a home away from home. It is a mis-interpretation to say a hostel is a dorm bed. It is like saying that to be a Hobo you must jump on a train, although there is a normalcy of this idea, it is not a need, just something that is stereotypical of Hoboes. Well a Hostel in Europe are often flophouses, and I am not used to living such a crappy level of life.

I am getting disgusted and maybe you would say outraged when I get on I have this booking service on my site, and am about to remove the thing, but there is not alternatives. I do not know what to do, as it has tons and tons of room for up to 100 and more dollars. It is ridiculous, a Hostel is never over 100 Dollars and why would you pay 100 dollars for a dorm when most anywhere including Amsterdam you can get a room for 50 Dollars. I am starting to consider it unethical to have rooms over maybe 40 Euros in the site.

I am going to write them, and they are good at writing me back and tell them my opinion. I can put a warning on my site, because even though they are a problem, they are the only solution to finding rooms under 10 Dollars and booking them. In Europe you either book a room or sleep in the train or airport. I am even now believing the airport or train are better.

Here is the link, that is really

I have made maybe 200 dollars in two years of use, and not really worth having on the site except as a service to my readers. I am thinking of getting rid of the commission aspect and just sending them to and then they will not associate me with Hostels that cost too much or are gouging. I am not in the business of giving bad advice, and not everyone listens or read correctly.


Wednesday October 13, 200 6:20 PM

I really made a good decision to come to the airport tonight and not tomorrow as I have been able to peruse and talk with all the discount airlines. In fact I discovered that supposed Europe-wide has loosened their weight requirement. They are extremely good now as you can put all the weight you want in the carry-on as long as it fits in the 22 x 14 x 9 Inch compartment or bag size apparatus and up to 20 Kilos in the check-in bag. This is pretty much normal weight restrictions.