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2004-10-27 05:29:00

I really do not like to travel in Europe!

I need a Van to travel in Europe.

I have to micro manage every move in Europe, even in the USA it is always possible to get a place to sleep for under 30 USA dollars, but in Europe you could enter a city where you must pay 100 Dollars for room.

With a Van I could just park it and sleep, after I get so frustrated I cannot handle it anymore. The only sure place to sleep in Europe is on the train. Probably the only reason I can think of to buy extremely costly Euro-pass for the train.

I have finally make a decision...

"Go south for the winter."

I will fly to Amsterdam, wait around in the airport for a few hours.

Take a plane from Amsterdam to Madrid.

Arrive around 2000 hour or 8 at night.

Terrible time to arrive in a country.

So I am going to just go park it in the airport and take a nap, then wake up in the morning and go find a room, when it is safe. I do not think that Spain or Madrid is safe for me to wander around in the night. My friend Jeff had all his bags stolen while in Pamploma where they run with the bulls and for sure when I spent a month in Barcelona it was not who got robbed, but who has not been robbed. Spain is full of petty crime as best I can tell, in fact Europe seems to be competing with South America. By far Southeast Asia is the safest place to travel on the planet.

But I am hoping to hang around Madrid for a couple of weeks, then go over to Portugal to chase some good Obrigado type girls, then off to Morocco, where there is probably a lot of French people, but who knows, because I have never been there.

So I am my next goals is to see if I can find cheap rooms in Madrid, Spain and Faro, Portugal. If I can figure out the best beaches in Portugal then life will be great. Funny how difficult it is to get a conclusive opinion with billions of pages on the internet and all about as honest as a Journalist.

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