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2004-09-22 02:17:00

I am trying to live and work while traveling the planet, which means that I must spend time working to earn enough money to continue. The process of making money is boring to many people. But in many ways I am working on a travel dream.


I dream that is would be possible for me to go to a one WebPages and find all my answers about travel. I can go to and search for my answers but they are jumbled inside a maze of other pages. I want to go to a WebPages and search for answers.

I have 150 different categories on my page, these are the 150 subjects that I have questions about the most as I travel and encompass all other questions under these topics.

What I am trying to accomplish is this, I want to have the readers or me ask every question about travel possible and when the question is not asked I want the reader to be able to pose the questions.

I then want the world to answer the questions by being able to post whether anonymously, or self-serving to advertise their business, or just in a generous mode to help other travelers, irregardless of their motive I will have the question and there will beget an answer.

My job is to filter, delete, edit and keep the answers relevant to the question, so I have created a series of barriers, bans, methodologies to stop, edit, delete, remove or alter the answers quickly, and will soon create a way for people to become moderators of categories, so history expert could be the moderator and not me…

This would be a self-sustaining every expanding focused questionnaire for the world travel to post questions and answers on any topic they wish to believe has to do with travel.

So a person could go and find the answer, and if they could not find the answer they could pose the question and wait for an answer. This is much like the Lonely Planet Thorntree and they already have the audience, but what they do not have is the good questions or any sort of organization to the questions.

For those curious about how many questions would start the ball rolling…


11 ½ million

I will start with 45,000 proceed to 122,700 and try to keep the page from exploding to often, and forever hope I do not to have to backtrack.


I try to be patient with people and the older I get them more patient I become, I am sorry to say it is not because I have learned more respect for the human race. It appears to be in my head that I have learned that there is very little long-term thought processes going on in the average human so I have to treat them as I would treat a dog. I take great care to make sure they are not able to bite me, but I must corral them or ask for help from the non-dogs to corral them into their proper status.

I was asked whether I was a Democrat or a Republican by a man in the Philippines. I said to his amazement,

“I am a Democrat.”

That is how I voted in a primary before I decided to stop voting in a primary because people take these party issues serious. I really do not care which party a person is with, and would say to people,

“I vote for whom I feel would make the best leader.”

If I thought we could negotiate with terrorist I would maybe vote for Kerry.

I do not think you can negotiate with Terrorist.

I believe that the Terrorist, Al Queada, and most Europeans do not want Bush to continue as president. That is good enough reason for me to say that Bush would be the better president.

I can almost always say that the opposite is always the best. In this mentality then it would be better for Kerry to be president. A system works best when it has a counterpart of the opposition party, there is balancing act that keeps both sides in proper perspective.

I ask myself a simple question.

“As a traveler of the world do I feel that Bush or Kerry would send help or try to protect me in the event I was in danger?”

I think Bush would send in Hells fury and Kerry would talk too much. I want a father that makes me feel protected, as both my mother and father do very well at, and have always. What the world says is they have the childish angst that says I refuse to listen to good reason and want to say no to my father.