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2004-09-24 02:22:00

I went to the US Embassy to get more pages in my passport, upon arriving the guards point at a sign that said,

"Closed on last Friday of month."

So, as I did the last time when I arrive at 11:00 and they said they was closed for lunch. I went inside and ignored the guard. I then got the same answer from the office. I said,

"Let me talk to someone that speaks English.

Let me talk to a United States Citizen."

The handed me a telephone, I said,

"I am Andy.. from Indiana, I am a United States Citizen and I need pages in my passport."

Now the person I was speaking with spoke Thai as their first language as did every other person that I had encountered so far.

I spoke very fast and made the person feel inadequate which in my opinion they all were or are. To me this is USA soil and we need to have USA people that speak USA English checking this place to make sure the crazies do not enter. But they


as they did before, and in my opinion they know,

"Pay attention to real native born citizens."

If you have ever been to a USA Embassy you would know there is nobody inside that you can meet easily that is from the USA in a normal typical way, but if you become demanding they will normally hop. The places are full of people with USA passports, but none of them act like me,


So I just put on the USA bravo the world hates and as why the world hate it appears. You get results. So even thought it was the last Friday in the month. Even though these dingalings want to close and give no service. (NOT a USA cultural characteristic to give NO Service.)

I will not say that governmental officials work hard.

The hours are funky. Like from 7 to 11 and 1 to 2

But back to being pushy, people should never apologize of be weak in their own country. When I go into the USA embassy. I am

BACK IN THE USA even if I cannot find anyone that speak English.

Do not every think that the people that get blown up in Embassies are Born in the USA!

I get really ashamed that America could every allow anyone crap to infiltrate our systems. This is the first crap that a world citizen would encounter. People not acting like the USA but pretending to be.

I ask the guards as I left.

"Are you American Citizens?"

The said,

"Yes." I am not sure they understand this question?

I said,

"Where was you born?"

Stupid looks.

I said,

"Which state do you live in?"

More and more stupid looks.

These are the normal questions that anyone would ask in the normal meeting of a person from another country, where are you from, what do you do, what is your city, are you married.. Etc.


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