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Members Fly to Europe for $150 Dollars


2004-09-16 02:44:00

Quote from the USA travel warning or updates I receive in my email box.

“In this regard, American citizens should be aware that private "visa

extension services," even those advertising in major periodicals or located close to Immigration offices or police stations, are illegal. In 2003, more than ten Americans were arrested at border cro ssings when the visas and entry stamps they had obtained through these illegal services were discovered to be counterfeit.”

I got in a big argument with some wankers in Koh Pha Ngan when I said that this was a dodgey move and they should not take the easy way out.

To me the only safe way to get a visa extension is from the government offices, but that can result in a bribe in countries like Mexico also, so any and all ways are difficult. Most secure is to leave the country and return or get it from the country you are in before you enter.


Wednesday September 16, 2004 1:40 PM

I came to visit a girl and collect my

I paid way too much but I learned a lot. I tried to contact this company both by telephone and by email from Chang Saen. I told him I would come to his retail outlet in Chang Rai and he said fine, but upon getting in Chang Rai I realized his office was in Chong Kong or 50 kilometers away. That was the first attempt to buy this hammock.

Second try was my friend Gai a Thai-speaking person ordered it in her name from a total Thai web page. Well a month later it finally arrives, there has been nothing but hassles with this company. I was wanting to know if I ordered 50 if it would be a good idea, and I found that the answer is no. I also asked for what type of discount to purchase wholesale. He multiplied 50 times the already high price and told me the number… some people are not with the program.


I told her I wanted to copy the tent in Nepal if possible; she was not happy to help me, than I explained I was not going to copy the tent but take the best features and incorporate into my own design. She does not speak English well enough to get the subtle nature of English words, so she was still a little unhappy. However, being she dealt with the man for one month I think she is not happy if I copied.


I copy from the best of the best and then I try to improve.

I think I have had a few novel or new thoughts in my life, but really, I copy everything, borrow, adapt, modify or in someway combine a few thoughts into a combined thought. Nevertheless, to have a unique thought I think my brain needs to stumble or make accidents. I think though I am capable of being creative in a forced accident way.

Unlike artist who off make scramble eggs and want you to believe they have a controlled thought, I want to make clear thoughts.

I still have not looked at the tent, I should go play with my new toy, and I will take photos. I am almost positive it is inadequate in everyway, but just because a person is irresponsible in sales does not mean they cannot create something great.