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2004-09-20 21:23:00

I get on a bus today for 7 hours and travel from Khon Kaen to Bangkok, where I will hang around for a couple of days. Re-stock or throw away extra things in my backpack and leave by plane on the 25th for Bangladesh. Stay one night in Bangladesh and fly to Nepal.

I am on a project to reduce weight in my bag, not because the bag is heavy, if I had a choice I would carry more. I am trying to reduce my weight so I can take the discount airplanes with all my bags. I presently have too much baggage and almost anyone would have too much baggage for a discount airlines. 8 kilos was the weight in the Philippines, this is a scam weight by the Philippines airlines to trap you and extort money. Nevertheless, the easy weight is 15 kilos or five less than normal.


This is when I wish I was in the USA, I could go buy this in one day in the USA, but while traveling I am S%## out of luck. I want a huge vest jacket that has many pockets like those that those camera guys in movies have or like a big game hunter would wear. I want a lot of very large pockets so I can put in lots of heavy junk inside my clothes. I think I can get in at least 3 kilos or about 6 pounds. For those of you pound people just double the kilo number and that will give you the pounds. The exact number is 2.2 pounds per kilo.

I am hoping that Nepal has these worthless jackets. Mostly for people to look the part and not to be the part.


5:40 Tuesday September 21, 2004

(Khon Kaen, Thailand)

I consistently go places, do things, live in places, talk and read about situations that I cannot understand. There is always something in my life that is not explained, while the best I can do about most of the situations is complain and they does not help.

If I lived in one location all my life, then I would be able to slowly over time eliminated the confused parts of my life and / or the negative parts until all that was left was the know, I would suppose this could be boring or relaxing, but I have never experienced too much of this so do not expect to have a controlled situation in my life soon.

I itch after I shower in Thailand until all the water on my body is very dry, when the water is dry then I seize to itch a lot. Why I itch is confusing, I change the way I do laundry, the soap, the way I rinse, but the water in some parts of Thailand makes me itch. I may be the only one that is irritated, but still I itch and this drives me crazy. I suppose I could move or jump to conclusions or read a lot of things into this, but to me there is something in the water and the only solution is to leave the country. I know that would work, I have the gut feeling their water is polluted, but no way to check. I would live to send samples of water to a company from all over the world to have checked.

So there is probably some large United Nations project out there that is offering money to pay for water project. They say to countries,

“Send us samples of your water?”

So Thailand would not even understand the question sends some water from a bottle of purified water. The Philippines although they understand the question because the speak English better goes and gets some dirty water and sends to make sure the UN sends money. All the statistics you read about nations has to do with the collection of money for poorer countries from the richer countries. Then each country creates the statistics to help them be in the position they want to prove. I read statistics on countries all the time and know they are wrong. The representation of statistics on countries is way off base and never explains the situation.

Poverty is difficult, I have trouble finding poor people in my opinion, I can find people with really strange problems, but I am not sure they are poor.


I had to stop to try to discover what is burning? I unplugged my computer to try to be sure it is not my computer. There is a smell close to burning wood or rubber but hard to distinguish. The wiring in the room is bad, there are people outside that burn wood to cook, they may be burning the trash which has plastic, there is a construction project across the lane where people are living on the site or camping, the possibilities is confusing… Back to my confused state, all I can do is try to make sure it is not me.

Poor or poverty has little or nothing to do with money.

Poverty is:

1. No clean water.

2. No variety in food.

Almost all people have food and water of a sort, but to varying degrees, the water is a problem. The problem though would be quite simple to solve if the UN was willing to really put sanctions on countries for not having clean water. But sanctions would put the purified water companies owned by the politicians out of business, plus beer sales would go down.

I was reading last night about Nepal and there is supposed to be poverty. Well the water thing does not really hit home there as mountain streams have some of the purist water in the world. The places where people say there is extreme poverty is often where you could bottle the water and sell it directly from the local water supply like in the mountains of Peru or Bolivia.


I think this could be me on some days, as I do not eat in restaurants much and tend to buy the same things in convenience stores like 7-11 here in Thailand.

But I do have a big variety and the problem here is me, but in some locations especially in isolated areas like along the Amazon River or in the mountains of Peru there are places where they do not ship in vegetables or fruits and the people only eat the food they grow. This is not common and very difficult to find these places but they do exist. This type of poverty is not in the cities of the world, I think in the city is squalor, people living like pigs or better yet acting and behaving like pigs. Eating and drinking in the middle of their own mud hole or excrement and too lazy to move, or too stupid. I suppose if the food is easy to find in the middle of the trash hole and you would have to work if you left the hole, then 95 percent of the population would opt to stay in the hole and not work.

The solution in many ways to squalor is television as people watch on TV a show and think, I want to impress my neighbors so I will make my house smell and look like that, so fashion saves the day.


I have been deliberating about my blog lately and thinking if I should improve my spelling or grammar. I have thought to myself,

“Would I sit around and proof read my diary?”

My answer is,


So to allow a person to feel the full experience of my travels I need to limit the editing and not change what I think or type. I do run a spell check, but I do not go back and change information to sound better.

Moreover, anyone that cares about grammar and spelling in a TRAVEL blog or anyone that can create a perfect written statement about their travels is not traveling they are living in a different place. I blog as I travel not when I stop traveling.

My friend Oren is over in Egypt, Alexander, or something like that, I need to look at a map to see where he is located. I will do that now on my encyclopedia.

Ooops he is not in Alexander, he is close or was in Alexandria. This is in northern Egypt.


“Alexandria (Egypt), city and major seaport in northern Egypt, in the Nile River delta, on a ridge that separates Lake Maryot from the Mediterranean Sea. The city was founded in 332 bc by Alexander the Great, king of Macedonia, who planned it as one of the finest ports of the ancient world.”

I have mass information at my fingertips so the rest of you must be more confused than me or lying, pretending to be smart to cover up your stupidity.

Information on places is a pain in the butt. I first have to find a source and they I have to find the time and know how to find the answers. Most people would say to go to the library, which I do know there are some libraries close to me here in Northeast Thailand but it would take a week to find the place and all the books would be in the Thai language.


I suppose I could go to the internet and see, but then I have to search in for the answers and this would take two things. I would have to remember and I would have to pay to use the internet.


I suppose there is a huge cost to information.

Pay for the internet.

Buy an encyclopedia.

Then you have to make the choice to buy information and not food or your favorite music. I am sorry to say, but I believe that 99 percent of people would buy what makes them feels good before they would purchase what would make them smarter. I have zero faith in peoples desire to learn, I have a lot of faith though that they do not want to appear stupid, or they want to save face by not appearing stupid.

NOTE to all you too connected to the internet for you own good, please realize that the internet still sucks and it is at best only available to a person now maybe 1 hour a day unless you want to only live in five star hotels.


This to me is some sort of mean joke that people want to tell me about so that I get frustrated. I know it is possible, but it is not feasible. I could have world access if I was willing to pay.


That is what I estimate the cost to access the internet anywhere in the world is presently costing, plus then I need to pay 2000 dollars for a satellite telephone.

So dream on about this worldwide access, I have been trying to buy it for the last 8 years. Wireless in the USA has made it possible to stay connected maybe 30 percent of the time in the U.S. But when you move or travel no you cannot be connected 30 percent of the time.

I will not talk about how hard to get a telephone line or electricity is or that most places this is impossible. For sure, the cell phone is a better answer to telephone access than land lines, the landlines of the world are disappearing or will disappear.