Ask Members Best Price for Plane Tickets?


2004-09-15 22:38:00

Wednesday 6:35 PM September 15, 2004

Theses submission are out of order, but just like my travel nothing as as simple as a clear path, I wrote these on the computer and other posting I did on so offline and online.

I am jumped and jumped again today, not a normal method of travel for me because it is too dangerous, but I know where I am going and Thailand is a safer country..

Took a plane from Manila to Bangkok arrive around 2:30..?

Now I am catching a bus from the Mochit bus stop to Khon Kaen and will arrive at around 3 or 4 in the morning, but I know exactly where I am going and know the transportation or taxis will be at the bus stop.

I am presently in the Bus station and I have an hour wait until the bus leave, I just purchased a ticket when I got here so I did not really know when the buses leave.

FOOD 55 Cents USA

I got a really good plate of Chicken, Vegetables and Rice for 25 baht here in the bus station. What a great deal in comparison to the cost of food in the Philippines. I saw very few mom and pop places, which does not mean they were not there, but there for sure was not the road side food stands.

But bigger grocery stores in the Philippines, a better variety of groceries. But the restaurants are cheaper.


I was going to stay in Nepal for 15 days and a couple came in after I booked my ticket and proceeded to talk about the headaches the Maoist are causing in Nepal and how they do not like Americans or the British. This is normal because we are the only nations with the guts to say no to crap.

The man said the locals burned up or destroyed a few Mosques in Nepal after some Nepalese people got killed in Iraq,

I said,

“So, I don’t understand the problem?”

The fear of God can be learned.


About 2:00 PM Wednesday September 15, 2004

I opened up my computer and pushed the start button down, the computer come up with the words on the screen that says,

“No Operating System”

I stop and booted and Ctrl Alt Del until it decide to load properly, I am having tons of problems with computers trying hard to look at computer as a throw away item where the valuable information is not on the computer. I have done pretty well, but there are always problems with back up of computer.

I need a larger thumb drive to really do better, or maybe these little side loaded USB hard drives that hold 40- whatever amount of storage need. My thumb is only 30 Megs and is not big enough to back up all the information that I am currently in process of working on or moving back and forth.

What I really need is a save as button that will save in two places at one time on my computer and on thumb or external hard drive.

What happened the other day is I downloaded them Microsoft updates and it is causing problems.

Note the seats on the Philippines airlines seem exceptional small for leg room.


8:39 AM September 15, 2004

I got into no-mans land and am waiting for the plane to board, I am as normal about 2 hours early. Getting through the Philippines gate is interesting, but not clear.


Get the immigration card at the Ticket counter or you will have to go back and get it.

Pay 550 Pesos Airport Tax.

I weighed in at 21.4 kilos or 1.4 kilo overweight. Normally there is a five kilo grace.

There is a counter though for over-weight bags and this means that Philippines airline is gouging some folks. The weight for domestic flight is something ridiculous like 8 kilos, so you fly into the country and try to move around and you get pinched for your normal bag weight. This is why there is a need for storage lockers around the world to negate these problems.


I put in collection links for people to submit and help the world travelers. Presently almost all information on the internet is self-serving and only for the person posting to make money. My solution to that problem is to create gathering of information pages where person can post opinions or even say someone else opinion is wrong. So a person could say where to store a bag or even a company could recommend them selves, and later a client can explain if there was a scam or misrepresentation. I can move the posting into beware of this problem and we all benefit. I most make information on my page that I feel is needed. Most of the problems or tips you see on the internet are feel good tips and not down and dirty tell you how to solve the real problems.


I know a lot of you think that being a 5 star hotel is the solution, a 5 Star Hotel scares the hell out of me because the number of idiot travelers multiplies inside the resort and so do the number of scammers. Although a really good scam and a person never know they were scammed.

I leave for Bangkok then to Khon Kaen to see my friend and then hopefully to Nepal or the USA.