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2004-09-10 23:13:00

Friday September 10, 2004 3:16 PM

I am now in an air-conditioned dorm room, there was a Japanese girl that was in the room before and she went to catch a boat to Baracay. The Japanese do not speak English well, and sometime communication is humorous.

I ask her,

“Do you lie in sun and get tan on Baracay?”

After a few ways of saying this in different ways she said,


I thought instantly shade, because this is the word for shade in Spanish, I said,

“You lay in the shade o Sombra.”


Ok, so she speaks Spanish better than she speaks English. She left for the pier and now is back because she became afraid that when the boat returned to the dock after her trip it would be dangerous. The boat would return at 3:00 am in the morning and she says it is very bad slum area next to the boat dock.

So now, I have my Japanese, Spanish speaking roommate back with the sleepy eyes, which designs furniture for a living. Ok with me. Her name is Mika. Dorms are great ways to meet people.