Ask Members Best Price for Plane Tickets?


2004-09-19 21:21:00

I am going to Nepal on the 25th of September for 10 days.

NOTE: This is the third time I have types this top section into the computer inside the internet cafe and lost it. The people wonder about grammar and I have to worry about even getting the information on the net.

September and March are supposed to be the months where they try to climb Mount Everest. I am still sort of hoping to get to the base camp but my time is short and it is more dangerous now. The USA governmet has issued travel warning for U.S. citizens and many groups are leaving the country. We froze the Maoist terrorist money in the USA acounts and they are angry.

I will rely on my


A city has a bad neighborhood. It is not secret, and everyone tell you not to enter. This is the same for countries, there are bad areas and you should not enter. I will be safe providing.

1. I do not listen or depend on information from tour company or guide.

2. Do not ask the police.

3. Do not listen to the NGO

4. Do not rent a car.

Guides lie to make money.

Police will notify the terrorist because they are corrupt.

Save the world people have trouble saving themselves.

A rental car can be separated or isolated. A bus cannot.

I will find collaborating people that have not desire to talk with me and ask them. Or try to get just any taxi driver to go to places. A taxi driver will not drive into danger.


Sunday September 19, 2004 6:16 PM

I have felt a little richer the last few months so I am paying to have my clothes cleaned more often, especially when they wash in hot water or use a dryer because this kills germs. However, there is about a one in four chance that they will short me a shirt or other piece of clothing when I return. In Koh Pha Ngan I had to return for my Same Same, but Different shirt, now I have to return to find my Khao San Road Syndrome shirt. I try my best to not trust them, because my instinct is to trust them, but I have learned count my shirts.

Found the shirt, she says,

“I forgot.”

Oops, the person not say I forget, they say that they not complete.

The problem is not forgetting the problem is the system, or maybe better yet that there is no system. It seems a big difference between the western world and the rest is a system.

When we crossed across the border from Cambodia to Vietnam I remarked that the border peoples system was really terrible and a person said, that is not the system, there is no system.

My friend says as I try to explain, I think maybe she is interested in helping her culture to improve, but she says she is bored. This is the inherent problem is lack of caring of the culture and the dooming of the culture to poverty.


Sunday 7:05 AM September 19, 2004

Sometimes what I take for granted other would consider extreme or odd behavior, but I find myself doing things different without hesitation. Last night I slept on the floor not because there was no bed but because the floor was has more space and I could extend my legs, I believe the standard size of beds in the world is 6 foot long and this is ok providing there is not a rail on the end, but if there is a headboard and rail I only fit into this space by a quarter of an inch.

The floors in a central room of Thailand can be extremely clean and maybe cleaner than the table, while you can walk outside the room and there is trash ever present, or a disorder to the world. Thailand seems cleaner than the Philippine, but I am wondering if maybe they have better ground cover or trees and plants to cover the junk.

The is a construction crew that is working down the alley from my room and they spend the whole night under this plastic tarp makeshift home, it is sparse and they hang their clothes on the ropes as if they was camping. This seems to be method in Thailand to live at the job site until you are finished. The one is working in sandals while the others have light shoes; in the Philippines, they all had shoes.