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2004-09-24 20:39:00

My mother is a too devoted reader of my blog.

She likes when I act American, so she was happy about my escapades in the USA embassy in Bangkok.

I had a travel wannabe writer say that it seems like I am not a native speaker or I write like I am not a native speakers. This was just and insult and I wish people would not disguise insults. But if he was really a traveler and a travel writer it would be obvious that traveling in Asia is hard on the ability to speak or write English. I talk normal American type English maybe 2 percent of the time. I talk a short.. No prepositions.. No definite articles.. No adjectives... English 98 percent of the time.

If you do not talk or think this way and you are in Asia.

Please leave the resort so you are in the country.


Saturday September 25, 2004 6:08 AM

I was thinking about the people that have friends and family at home and how it must affect them to have their loved ones away from them. Most people want to go home to see their family, I often long to be with my friends and family, although I am somewhat different because I have never been married and old enough that all my buddies are more or less married and have not time for me. My family is my parents, sisters, brother, nieces and nephews and people with long histories.

The is nothing natural about traveling for long periods of time, it the opposite and I cannot really recommend this lifestyle for everyone, I do think that people should go live in different places around the planet for stints of 3-4 months. I think people going to Florida for winter is a good thing and does create a better understanding of the world. The bad part is traveling creates a more selfish person. When you have no commitment to another person, and nobody around you is someone that you will see again, and if you do something, nobody at home will know, it creates a life of too much freedom from social responsibility. I suppose this is why people dress up like clowns, dreads, tattoos, piercing and clothes that 95 percent of them would never walk around at home in, but they feel safe to do so when they are in an environment where they have not commitment to anyone. I suppose you have quadrupled the how much you are different to get some love or attention. What is even sillier is the celebration of different. I do celebrate and want people to be unique and special, I hold this as the desire that everyone should have in life. They should be unique, special, and someone that is in their view the best of the best. I want them to be the hero of their own life. Not anyone else, I want them to think of themselves as their hero.

I had a girlfriend one time that was dancing and acting a little too wild for me to be with her, I asked,

“Would you want your daughter to act like this?”

She said,

“I don’t have a daughter.”

I said,

“You will.”

The girl now has a baby boy and has changed her whole perspective on life. I cannot or do not think I could ever convince or create an environment where people would try to be good people for the sake of their fellow man, but I am sure that the majority would try to be a good example to their children. Therefore, even though the other travelers do not have a family, they will in the future, it is inevitable.

I see folks with good manners as a representation of people that look for the great good of the world. I consider it very stupid and ignorant for a person to say that a person should not say an offensive statement or an insult. Shame is what stops a father or mother from being a jerk, so sometimes a person needs to here the truth. Not that this is a responsibility to tell them they are a jerk, but if they are annoying me, then it is my social responsibility to tell them they are disturbing the world. To say nothing is to condone and say their behavior is good, to say nothing is to promote this behavior.

So if you seen all the crazies around Khao San Road you would be able to appreciate my constant mental deliberations. On the other hand there is no doubt that Khao San Road is one of the world’s greatest gateways to travel the world. It is the starting point for travel, you have all the information you would ever need to find here to leave, and the cheapest methods in the world, with some travelers passing through that are truly experts at travel like my friend Oren. Experts in travel do not write about travel, they travel and normally do not have time to write. This is changing with the invent of newer internet technology like the blog and email, but for sure this is in the infancy and extremely confusing presently.

I suppose you could say why, but yesterday I worked for over 10 hours to buy two 10 gig external hard drives, and to back up my data on my computer and then try to repair or reverse somewhat I hope is a software problem. Therefore, for me the cost of writing this blog is the 15 minutes I type here plus the 10 hours I worked to prepare to type on this computer. I am constantly trying to figure out how to reduce the time. I suppose for every 15 minutes I type on the computer, there is about 1 hour of nothing to do with typing or photos work to keep the maze running.

I suppose it will get a lot more complicated before it will get extremely simple. I am working very hard so I can do this and then give the technology for free seamlessly and absurdly simple so other can provide the same information, blog, newsletter, photos, and updates with out the 1-hour of work, and only the 15 minutes of typing.


I have no clear reason to say this, but I feel that my time in Southeast Asia is over and I will never feel like I am traveling in Southeast Asia again, that does not mean I will not return, I am sure I will. Nevertheless, I will not hang around here, but for years I hung around in Central America and then in South American and for the last couple of years Southeast Asia. I am not sure where I will hang out next but my feeling is Eastern Europe. They have just joined the European Union and it should be easier to travel.

The Middle East has so little attraction to me, my friend Peter told me to make sure I go and visit Palestine so I can understand their plight. I really have desire to hear any more people that do not have anything to complain about complain. The whole world wants to complain and I have seen so few places where I would say,

“Send in money, guns, and lawyers.”

The world is generally a great place and poverty is hard to find, but you can find people to complain in any country, as the drink a beer, smoke a cigarette or do nothing but sit on their butt and do nothing. The people in the world that want to work appear to be working. The biggest social problem in the world are people like Sadaam, Castro, Chavez, or King and Queens in Asia, and their mafia ran environments that call themselves Prime Ministers and words like that.

I really need to go see Africa, it really is the lost continent, the whole world knows nothing about Africa and nobody talks about Africa.