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2004-09-28 23:01:00

All the stores fronts are closed today because the Maoist are having a strike. What happens is almost all the stores are open, but the doors are shut or they are only going to open for a good reason. The bank are closed I believed. The do the same in Bolivia and Peru, makes zero sense to me because they only hurt all the people, but it is quiet which is nice.


Wednesday 8:13 AM September 29, 2004

Katmandu, Nepal

Some countries have Fox News, not very common, but are in some countries. I have not rational reason to explain or rhyme or reason as the show is not adjusted for time or location. CNN and BBC both have special shows that are biased to the local region; the Fox New appears to be straight sent from the USA at the wrong time. What I mean is they will say that a show is on at 8:00 PM and that is only meant to be USA time.

I have been laughing because 90 percent of the time, I watch BBC or CNN and they spend time asking questions that are not questions but statements that are either provoking or impossible to answer.


“Are you still beating your wife?”

How does one answer this? I do like that Fox ask for both sides of the point of view, but for sure, the station is bias in favor of Bush. Now I would say BBC and CNN are the opposite, so the only balance I see is they do balance themselves against CNN or BBC.

I was very excited to learn a new label from Bill Oreilly on the Fox that has a talk show.


This term come for the Jim Jones cult where they all drank Kool Aid and killed themselves. Therefore, when a person blindly follows another person or an idea they are a Kool Aid Person. This is so perfect for about 60 percent of the backpackers I meet as they repeat statements and mentality with no ability to change their minds. India just below me is full of crazed travelers smoking dope and holding preposterous beliefs or adopting anything different or opposite of what would be sensible for them. Thanks Bill for a perfect label for these people.


“People’s Temple, an agricultural commune in Jonestown, Guyana. On the orders of their leader, Jim Jones, more than 900 followers of the cult, mostly Americans, took poison and died.” From Encarta