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2004-09-25 20:10:00

I am off by airplane around 4 PM today for Bangladesh, so sort of crazy ticket that is cheaper because they put me or up have a layover in Bangladesh for the night. This should be an adventure because I have to rely on a poor country and an airline from a poor country to be systematic and make this fun and easy. I think it is Bangladesh Airlines I am flying on, and then to Nepal the next day.

But it will be fun to sleep in Bangladesh for the night, they can keep me in the room, make me avoid the country, but the county will seep under the door unless they blindfold me, and I think they will just try to keep me from walking around, so this should be interesting. I hope I can take photos.

I will put on my sweet look as my Thai friend calls it when I put on the face of how could you not love me and give me what I want, sort of a big eyed loveable cat look. Works real good, but hard to make on demand, I actually need to feel this way to get the job done right, but I do try to act and produce the look. Like getting caught with your hand grabbing a piece of turkey before Thanksgiving meal is served. Most people will assist you as long as they feel you do not want to hurt them, and of course you do not want to hurt them. So maybe I can get them to let me nose around a little in Bangladesh.


Sunday September 26, 2004 6:02 AM

I was sadden to hear a fellow American say that he was a prisoner or more correctly he referred to another person with assumptions that he was a prisoner in the USA. This is not literally a prisoner in the traditional sense of a person in jail, but maybe more like the word P.O.M.E. for the Brits, which means Prisoner of her Majesties Empire.


1. A prison of our own mentality.

2. A prison made by social pressure to conform.

3. A prison made by fear of accusation backed up by the legal system.

I suppose the reality of this situation is less important than that a person would “Feels” they are a prisoner, and they need to escape, in this instance a person believed the only way to escape was to leave the USA and live another country.

I am somewhat worried that these people will become angry because I am speculating or thinking about how they feel or my observations and my interpretations of how they feel. People do not like to by analyzed, especially if you would derive a different opinion than they have of themselves. Even though there are no names of fact, the person can still feel like a finger is being pointed at them and everyone is looking or worst they are going to find them or discover them.

The two persons both used what could be fictitious name or maybe was their real names, I am or less under the impression that I know their real name, but I am also under the impression that the one has no desire for anyone to know his real name. I really do not care whether I know his name or not because the reality is I will probably never see this person again in my life unless I choose to.


The bottom line is these people left the country to find freedom, To escape the constant picking, poking, prodding of people they believe want to take away their freedom of speech or thought.

I would agree with them that movies like the Stafford Wives has some credence when a man becomes so constricted that they believes he must fight for every little issue or desire.

There is no one reason they feel a prisoner, there are hundreds of small reasons that all add up to enough reasons to break the camels back. It is like the wife that has years and years of small little things done by her husband and one time he lies to her, and she leaves him. He says,

“But it was only one lie.”

And he does not understand like how she could leave him for one lie and will never understand that was the final straw that was enough weight to break the back. It is similar to the extreme stupidity to think that that the only reason we went in Iraq was because of weapons of mass destruction, this is silly it was just one of thousands of reason, but the only stupidity simple enough for the mass public to understand.

OK, back to the issue, why did these guys leave the country?

Same as me I suppose to enjoy life, when one place is more fun than another we should leave. If a person is not enjoyable to talk with then we should walk away, no need to hit them on the way out, but still the responsibility is mine to enjoy my life.

I am tired of people trying to tell me how to think or act, but truthfully I do not think I care, so not a big pressure, but I am tired of everyone want me to tolerate or have tolerance for situations that are no fun.

For example, I met and extremely smart and knowledgeable man of Thailand last night, but he seem to have his brain pickled and spoke so slowly that felt like a Lamborghini behind a Volkswagen. I will have extreme patience if I wish to learn about a subject, but to listen to what does not feel like a happy person talk slowly is not something I will do, and for sure would not go back for seconds.


They do not want to defend themselves against women attacking them for being male.

They do not want people to tell them how to think or by accusation, comment, wrapping them with comments they are completely surround and do not feel free to say what they think.


A girl says that you should call her a girl.

Rule one, and you must obey rule one.

The girl says you cannot talk about other girls around her, and you must call them ladies.

But then you obey and they make another rule and keep making them.

I personally just disobey and get to the point, the person wants control me and I am uncontrollable, and if they want to go along that mode of thought I will go into search and destroy mode.

Therefore, when girl says to call her a lady, then I would call her a girl. If the whole friendship depends on this, then let us get to the point, let us end it quickly, let me annoy them and drive them out of my life. Now I am not going to go up and call this lady a girl to provoke, but making a bunch of silly rules and not weighing my intentions or paying attention to words more than intentions is a good way to make me walk away or attack in self-defense.

So I suppose they left America to tell them to go screw themselves, but do not want to tell them to go screw themselves… This is probably rage and does need a vent, and they should really enjoy themselves and tell a few people to go screw themselves.

If a person provokes or attacks me in anyway shape or form, and I am not able to just avoid them, I think it is my personal responsibility to stop them from being abusive. Sort of the same idea as the way evil exist is for one good man to do nothing, if I do nothing then I deserve what I get. I guess the clarity is lost in these situations and people are too tolerant and wait to long before they attack. If you feel attacked, you are being attacked. I have a tendency to make people feel that I am attacking them so I am careful; at least I recognize that I make some of the guilty feel guilty.

So a lot of people leave the USA to have the freedom that money buys, in countries like Thailand you can buy love, plus the legal system is for sale so you are free if you have enough money. I suppose you would feel completely a prisoner in Thailand if you are poor.


All these external hard drives and flash cards are plug and play.

You plug and play around for hours trying to figure out how to get to work.