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2004-09-05 19:34:00

Monday September 6, 2004 8:43 AM

I was thinking to myself, this is really a Latino culture like Central or South America. I asked the woman at the Internet Café what time they opened in the morning and she said 8:00 AM, but upon trying to enter a few minutes ago, they are still closed. It appears that time has very little meaning, but the attention to time is a western culture behavior.

Where to go next, I am thinking I may go to Angeles because there is maybe a lot of American Expats, I have never been anywhere on the planet where I could say there are lots of American Expats, so this would be fun or interesting to learn why they are going to this city. I already know that a lot are here because they speak English and that was the city of the former Clark Air Force Base.

When I say they speak English, this country half speak English while in comparison you would say Thailand has a 1 percent English, but that is just a comparison. It is very simple to travel or ask questions here, but maybe confusing to get to the islands.

I am having an interesting time with my maps, the guidebook points at a lots of cities to go and visit, but my Encarta Computer Encyclopedia maps does not include the cities.

The woman that owns the Greenview Hotel I am staying in told me to go from Banaue to Baguio but get off early in a place called Carmen. I come back and look at my guidebook and the city is not on the map. I will look in the computer.

I now have found it on both maps. However, it is not really before Baguio like the woman said, but further south. That is not to say it is not possible the bus has to go way south and then again north to follow the road and get around the mountains in the center of the country. I will now or later ask her again with my guidebook in hand.


Monday September 6, 2004 1:53 AM

I was sitting in my room typing on my computer in the very early hours of morning because I could not sleep when suddenly a cockroach jumps on the door. It is about the size of the dipper part of a normal food spoon, so very large. I get that nervous shuttering feeling in my shoulders and arms, as I know I must kill this cockroach while I can still find the beast.

I move slowly and look around the room for something to swat or pound the mammoth insect into oblivion with, I soon locate the hard geothermal brochure that I really did not want, but was given anyway in the intramuros exhibit in Manila. It is perfect so I roll it up and slowly go to the left of the cockroach so I can use my right arm for better accuracy. There is my reading light attached to the back of the desk next to my bed and I realized it could make a shadow and scare the cockroach, so I adjust my stance as to not cast a shadow. The cockroach is being a willing victim.

I approach slowly as I think they can only feel or sense quick movements and then take a very hard swing. Wap, and the cockroach is on the floor. I proceed to bang it very hard three more times until I am can see it splitting in two, I have done this procedure a few time and after only one swat they are stunned and I have found that they disappeared later. Maybe they woke or maybe the ants carried them off, but I feel better when the juice if flowing.

I then scoot the cockroach out of the room and into a corner close to the showers but for sure out of any path where I would walk with or without shoes.

Think that is gory, then what would you feel if you found this huge cockroach the size of a spoon inside your undies or in under the sheets with you? Better, I explain.

Mission accomplished!

The Tropics - Home of large cockroaches. All hotels have cockroaches, but if you are worried seal off the room and spray before entering. However, you will also have to seal off any cracks, holes, or crevices big enough for a cockroach to enter, including the drains in the bathroom. Makes you want to live in a grass hut… hehehe