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Members Fly to Europe for $150 Dollars


2004-09-15 02:37:00

I am here sitting in Mr Joes office of Southeast Travel waiting for him to find me a ticket, he keep do other things than finding me a ticket, ooops...

He found a ticket...

19th Fly from Bangkok to Bangladesh

Stay in hotel and do not get to walk around.

20th leave Dehka and go to Nepal.

7 October leave Katmandu to Dehka Bangladesh

Arrive 7th October 4:30 PM in Evening to Dehka

Leave 8th October from Dehka Bangladesh to Brussels Belgium.

438 Dollars for that ticket.

185 is the cost to fly to Nepal one-way. I do not know how much a flight from Nepal to Amsterdam or Brussels, so I am in a dilemma.

I can gamble I can buy a 253 to Amsterdam or Brussels for less in Nepal, or do I guarantee my cost by buying the ticket. Or ..... go other places.

If I could get good airplane tickets information from someone in Nepal I would know for sure what to do. I wrote my friend Risha and asked him how much to fly from Nepal to Brussels was, but he did not respond.

I will go check travelocity to see the possible.

aagh will not work for some reason.

I search for "Kathmandu Flight Amsterdam" and get messy information.

I will keep pushing. I leave for Khon Kaen tonight.

I would than catch a train or bus to Amsterdam to buy a round trip ticket to the USA, and see Amsterdam.