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What a HOOT!

2004-08-22 21:22:00

I am moving north in Thailand searching or trying to buy the elusive hammock tent, and this time I am suppose to get it.. 24th!

But what a HOOT!

I can go and see which sites on the net are sending pages to my site. I spot a sudden surge of viewers coming from here. Too funny.

It that link breaks.

This is what they are calling cruel.

I made this page, maybe a year ago.

But I also want to lodge a complaint with 7/11 convenience stores of Thailand.

They changed from the Cherry Slurpee to the Mango Slurpee.

I am not sure real men drink Mango Slurpees, and Coca Cola slurpees are out of the question... All of Thailand now has MANGO.



Saturday, August 21, 2004 5:57 AM

I am sitting here in Bangkok at the Sawasdee Smile Hotel, and I realized the Hotel has the same name down the road.

We arrived around 5:00 AM in the morning and I went straight to the Hotel, but all the rooms are full, this is common at this time of day. I would go look around, but I am sure all the room are full until around seven or eight in the morning. The girl at the desk says there is a room on the third floor, so I have a room for sure, I just need to wait until 9:00 for them to clean the room.


I suppose the best time to arrive to a hotel is around one hour before checkout, or maybe a little earlier, the problem with this is every country and city will change the check out time ranging from 9 till 2.

Check out time for most of Thailand is 12:00 Noon.

There are lots of stragglers coming into the hotel, mostly at the end of negotiated deals and the completion of the contract. Lots of strangeness to the place, and nobody is on the up and up.

I am here mostly to see again about putting up a web cam on Khao San Road with my friend Mr Joe, but I am too optimistic yet. I am a lot closer, but there are lots of questions, and there is not obvious solutions. I have been surfing the internet and trying to look at web cams around the world, I would say with my guess that,

60 percent do not work because of Java problems.

20 percent are too confusing, or maybe off or the page is dark because it is night, and I am not able to figure out what is going on.

10 percent work with a refresh or reload option although they have them set at 30 to 60 seconds and this a long time.

10 percent work moderately good.

It seem pretty clear why I am having problems as most sites do not work and I am trying to get mine to work, I think the best plan today is to download a lot of page and read them, I thought I was closer until I saw how few work with Java, of course I am in the hard core testing are of the internet, I am trying to get them to work on any and all internet café machines anywhere I would get on the internet.