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2004-08-30 21:14:00

I may call it noise, but there is always a small amount of talk, opinions, comments and gossip going on about where we are living and where we may want to go or not go. The tourist, the travelers everyone is interested in learning what other people says.

Last night while having a conversation full of traveller noise I realized that I depend so much on this type of idle conversations that leads me to travel to other places.

Oren published his blog on Cairo the other day and I was so interested in what he said, how he said, and what he thought because I trust he is making some good observations, he is my friend and I know more or less how he thinks. I suppose that was what led me to push for him to blog on my site, because I think he has something worthy to say.

But I learn most or all of my information from other travelers, sometime just by observing their behaviors and other type just blunt opinions, so all of my blog is about travelers.

My friend from last night should blog or tell his story… all stories are worth listening to and hearing.

What is strange now that I am going to the Philippines is that I have learned so little from the other travelers. Though for sure the traveler hanging around on Khao San Road are on the low end of the brain drain of the world, and very few are going to contribute to society, more of a take type of person and better to avoid, but from a three ring circus point of view Khao Sarn Road is special. A voyeuristic holiday of freaks or wannabe freaks.

I came home last night and at midnight walked Khao San Road, now I am sure people think there is a large group of young people walking around and talking, drinking and just having fun and there is, but what was surprising is that there must have been at least 30 Lady boys or the boys dressed up and acting like girls.

There were almost no working type girls or girls in general, just a lot of lady boys. These lady boys are I think prostitutes of sorts, I am not sure because all I know is the beckon you to come and talk and want to know where you are going, but the are repulsive to me so I do not spend time discussing the weather with them, but I think they want to lure travelers into bed, maybe with money and without money, I am not sure.

Nevertheless, for sure they are there, so the sons and daughters of the world of Khao San Road are for sure biting the bait, or buying a night.