NEWSLETTER SENT - Oops Yesterday


I am in the Internet Cafe playing, or trying to look at webcams.

Link to Newsletter.

Some of you know that I have been working on a project to put a Webcam on Khao San Road in Bangkok, so far the project has done nothing more than taught me too much about Webcams. So today I have been trying to find Webcams or Web Cams that work work in the internet cafe. If I want to have a webcam I also want to be able to look at the camera. It is surprising how few computer will work properly.

Here is a page with a webcam of Koh Samui that I have been playing with.... I found that you should open the page and wait... Do not surf around while waiting and it seems to work better.


I keep having to reset the time and date on my computer, I finally realized that my computer has a synchonization program and when I directly connect to the internet my computer goes up to the net and synchronized the time and date to Indiana... oops, I am in Thailand.

PHILIPPINES ON 1st of September.

I am sort of excited because I will fly soon to the Philippines. 250 Dollars U.S. Round trip or return as they say from Bangkok to Manila. A better deal would be 175 Dollars, but I did not get a better deal, I got a normal walk in and buy a ticket from a good agent deal, a normal walk in would probably be 400 for the silly.

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