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2004-08-30 00:01:00

There is a culture to Khao San Road that is unique and maybe is the future of world culture as people become un-hooked from a need to be part of any culture that has rules and regulations. Khao San kids have no connection to the real world and can mold or create themselves as they see fit, this is not to say that what they do is wise, or beneficial to themselves for the future, but they can live in the moment and because the whole group does the same there is not one saying they should not do as they wish, plus generally the group admires anyone that does the farthest from normal. Therefore, if you have your hair spiked and look like a porcupine of sorts on this road you will probably meet all the girls, while any normalcy or mainstream business like posture is considered boring and maybe even stupid by the group.

Tattoo are prevalent and people seem to believe there is something special about a tattoo artist in many ways the same as how a person would see a man that pumped up the money to buy a Harley Davidson, as if the pure fact that you paid the money to buy the Harley made you unique. I am not sure you can buy you way in my mind to being special.

Special has to do for me about creating something that is unique and generally beneficial to the world, sometimes this can mean destroying something that is generally destroying the world or making the world less than or making peoples lives less than they could be. So George Bush wanting to try to get rid of Sadaam Hussein is very good, as if he was trying to kill Hitler before there was 50 million people killed as a result of Hitler, but I also consider the sad part is the need to kill Hitler was the responsibility of the German people and there is something amiss in a culture that does not weed out the bad blood. Therefore, the Iraqi people should or have the responsibility also of getting rid of Hussein or the new wanna be Muslim Clerics that are trying to rule the country now, they are not good people.

I have not heard much about the Philippines from any of the traveler, none of the travelers seems to know anything about the country and it is almost off the gossips ring or information circuit. This is maybe good for me because I can escape the ridiculous culture of Khao San Road and even the tourist of Thailand and be in what either is going to be a worst traveler culture or better traveler culture. It does make me feel good to know that Alex Garland the man that wrote the book “The Beach” hangs around in the Philippines or supposedly in the past hung around in the Philippines.