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2004-08-19 21:08:00

Friday August 20, 2004 6:44 AM

My 350 Baht boat and bus trip to Bangkok leaves or starts at 11:00 today so I am sitting here thinking more than needed.

I need to make a visa run, so I will probably go to Penang, Malaysia to lay on the beach for a few days and test out the new discount flights. The ticket are only available over the internet, there seems to be a way of new flights like this.

I should be able to fly round trip to Penang for 2000 - 2500 Baht, that converts to about 48-60 Dollars U.S. It is better if I book ahead of time though, and I have not done this, maybe I should do today if possible. Actually it is possible to do one way by bus or train and the other way by plane, but what I am trying to do is be careful on weight on plane, they have a 15 kilo maximum check on weight, plus the carry on has a weight also, I have two computer on me and they weigh more than the 7 kilos that is allowed for carry-on.


Thursday, August 19, 2004 8:07 PM

In the language of Thai, “good,” or maybe say “gooued.”

Life is good, I have trouble pegging the exact reason, but I suppose mostly it is vanity, but after laying on the beach, getting a little bronze colored, and reading my books I feel recharged and ready to take on the dragons of life. I really have no dragons to fight, but there are some annoyances that I must tolerate to get to the next location.

One is I have to sit on the bus for too much time, I will leave tomorrow at 11:00 AM and get into Bangkok the next day at supposedly 3:00 PM, this is too early, so for all effectiveness I will arrive at 5:00 PM. This is a long time to travel in one jaunt, but nothing like the stints in South America.

Planning the trip from place to place or not planning my trip is a constant query in my brain; I sort of have to prioritize all the time. I think it is probably easier when I say I am going to a place for 10 day and leaving on a specific date, at least I do not have to think, but leaving the schedule open creates a sense of adventure. I suppose the less control I exert on my days the better I feel, because I am really out of control.

Having things under control is not the paradise, I think the paradise is not having to control, or having anything control me.


I was looking over at the wall of my bungalow, there are 4 small stick on pictures of the King and Queen of Thailand, hard to believe the propagandized idolatry Thai people have for these character, can you imagine putting up stickers of George Bush on your rental unit wall? I do not care how much you support him; this is not what a person would do. Dictatorships and Monarchies are the same, lots of pictures around the country of the rulers and dangerous to complain. If you can only say good things, and only talk about good things about a person than normally you love them. Whether you want to or not if you only talk good about a person like a King or Queen, you end up believing what you say.


The supersaver flights like and are making me reconsider the amount of weight I will carry. I can fly around Europe and Asia cheaper than I can take a train or bus, so I am cutting weight on bags.

The decision making process comes down to this,

“If carry nothing extra, if I do not touch for 3 months I trash, and if it is something like shampoo that can be purchased anywhere I dump.”

I lowered the 6 months and trash to 3 months and trash.