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2004-08-09 20:12:00

Tuesday August 10, 2004 5:28 am

I have realized that flying in and out of Bangkok is probably my best base to visit the world, the plane tickets are the cheapest and I can bounce around the world with ease, so more or less I have made Bangkok my base camp to explore the planet.


Monday August 9, 2004 7:22 pm

How are you today?

I just finished a book by James Michener called “The Novel,” it was inspiring and touching in many ways, but at the same time confusing. The long discussions in the book about books has made it even harder to write my daily blog, and easier to know that I should write my daily blog, or write when I write. My mother reads everything I write and she tends to write me emails to prompt me to write daily, although I try to refrain from feeling a need to write something and only writing when I want to say something. I am not ever sure what I have to say though, so I just write.

The thing that I remember or think about when I muse on the book the novel are two themes.

1. The now of life, that life is about now.

2. A quote from the book,

“It might lead to his membership in a cotorie”

she said,

“Membership in a group of young people like himself who convince one another that they live in a special atmosphere in which they see things more clearly than other do---see them differently---are responsive the superior demands of the immediate present.”

Page 351 Paperback

James Michener “The Novel”

I am not sure what this means, but I do know that young people form groups where they convince themselves they are different from the group and maybe special.

Hard to believe that a person could think of themselves as special, when there are so many things around the world and in the world that makes a person realize that we are not special, and just part of a big group of people on the planet.

Hard to think of myself as special when my goal today is to rid this room of these small fleas and bugs, and to read my book.

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