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2004-08-31 01:53:00

I needed a guidebook and because you can buy a used guidebook off of Khao San Road for most anywhere in Southeast Asia I went for tour of the used book shops. There was only one Philippines guidebook I found in about 15 different locations where they sell used books and it cost me 400 Baht or about 10 Dollars U.S. so I am ready with a guidebook. The fact that I could only find one used book says a lot about backpackers and the Philippines, there should or could be hundreds of these book like Vietnam or Burma or any other country in the Southeast Asia, but the Philippines does not seem to be high on the list of places to visit. I will soon learn why or why it should be on the list.

Went and bought a bag also of Nescafe instant coffee, I would not want to have withdrawal from Caffeine.

I really am downsizing on my bag, because of the new discount airlines that have a 15 kilo limit, so anything that is disposable or easy to purchase anywhere I ditch or try to use up before I leave.

There is suppose to be surfing in the Philippines, plus I have learned there is Surfing in Sra Lanka. Surf beaches and me seem to be on the same channel, although I do my best to not talk surf slang, but the surfers are better than the drug travelers, so un upgrade in culture for me.


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