I have a High School class reunion on the 8th of August and I have been spending my whole time deliberating as to how to go? But I just do not have enough time and money for this, I have finally decided not to go, although I really wanted to go.


There are many types of choices in life and each day I need to make choices, I suppose I could go and hide in one spot in the world and never move and I would have less choices to make, but I suppose it is the choices in life that makes a person different.

I have been thinking a lot lately about a common question or a statement made to me by other travelers, it is hard to form the question, but it is a combinations of statements, the say,

“I could not do that.”

“What do you do?”

“Are you going home?”


This is not as simple as it seems, people go traveling with a set time and set destinations, they do not travel as I do with no time or plan, so this is totally opposite than how they view the world.

There is a grunt or comment from them when I say what I am doing, they are doing the same thing, but I am doing more, that is the problem, I am a traveler that works, this confuses them, because in their mind I am pretty sure they think to themselves,

“It is impossible to travel and work.”

They know they are the same, but we are not the same, I travel and work and they just travel, but because they do not see me work they think I am only a traveler and they really do not believe it is possible to work and travel.

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