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Members Fly to Europe for $150 Dollars


2004-08-25 20:31:00

I was trying to buy an around the world ticket the other day and it just did not work. They cost about 2000 Dollars U.S. and there is almost no way for me to justify the cost of the timing of the ticket.

There are rules to an around the world ticket.

- You need to go forward you never can go backwards.

- If you go from one city to another city by land the miles count.

- You must say the dates and times although you can change them.

This is probably the big annoyance, although my friend Mr. Joe in Thailand is very good and I can email him and change the ticket, I would not even consider it if I had to go into travel agents along the way and change tickets. I am sure this would take as much time if not more than buying a new ticket, plus they would try to extort fees, so the ticket would increase in cost.

It averages out to about 400 dollars per flight, so the question is can I get an airplane flight one-way to my next destination for less than 400 dollars? I almost always can. For me to go to the exact opposite side of the planet from my present location or to Indiana that is 12 hours difference in time cost me 550 U.S.

I think an open-jaw or three hopper can be worth the money. It is a year long ticket normally with just two stop. So I could go to USA, then to Amsterdam in on jump, this helps me get in and out of the USA where the tickets cost the most.

I can buy an round-trip ticket to Chicago with Kuwait Airlines for 750 U.S. and I can stop in Kuwait, not that it does me much good, except unless I want to visit Kuwait, if I could get across Saudi Arabia easy I could go over to Jordan, Israel, and Egypt.