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2004-07-05 00:05:00


I just arrived in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

This weeks newsletter is funny.

Gas station in Cambodia

Hotel in Cambodia for 2 dollars U.S.

Small Cambodia girl on the truck with 26 other people.


I am in Cambodia. There is a place where Pol Pot and his thugs or political party called the Khmer Rouge killed maybe over a million people.

Now the word Rouge means red in French, but why do they call the Khmer Rouge or the Red Cambodia in a sort of literal translation. Khmer which either refers to the main ethnic group of the country or the language they speak. This word an adaptation from the original native language to the westernized version. I am pretty sure the Cambodians call themselves Khmer.


I asked a French girl that was in the restroom.. I share a toilet or bath with other people and this is OK sometimes….

Nice benefit of travel, being to ask opinions of people from the actual country.

So I ask the girl what Rouge meant? Of course she said,

“Red,” but I then say in Khmer Rouge.

She said,

“Like Red Communist,” and shrugged her should to say she was guessing.

I then said,

“Moulin Rouge.”

That was a famous cabaret or strip club in Paris where a lot of some-what intellectuals or painter hung around. I think they went for the girls…? Hehehe but who can be sure.

She just said,


Red is a color of sex in the world. Red light, red clothes, and it is also the color of thing that are wrong. In the black or in the red. But a Commie Red is another things, and I am not sure why Russia had a Red Army? I am seeing that 80 percent of the time it to do with only the color, but in tracking down this word and learning the whys of the word I am sure I can understand more about the culture. I am always trying to find out why they name a city the name they name it or why a person or place has a name. This is normally the essential point of the tourist destination or location, and should not be overlooked that they named it this for a reason.

The book the Naked Ape has a lot to say about red…hehehe

Has to do with how animals attract a mate, and maybe humans.