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Members Fly to Europe for $150 Dollars


2004-07-05 23:52:00

Siem Reap is a 2 day and out city.

That means every one come and goes and do not hang around, so I have decided I am ready also.

The place is for dollars. I can buy a big piece of chicken for 50 cents US or 2000 Reals off the street vendors or I can pay 2 dollars for something in my hotel with no meat, they really want dollars.

When they want a dollar the value goes out the door.

I am paying 23 dollars for the boat.

They pick me up at the hotel at 6, the boat leaves at 7 and about 6 hours later I am suppose to arrive in Phnom Penh.

I took a taxi motorcycle around the city to day looking along the river for French Architecture, there is almost none, or they have totally adapted it into a business, not the place for Architecture.