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2004-07-15 18:54:00

What a name for a Hotel, but it is the address of the Hotel so probably makes it easy to find. It is always possible there is another Hotel that is really called the Cloud 9, but I am not sure where and how to find it, but oh well, it appears that most of the Hotels on this strip of Hotels on the Lake Boeng Kak are ok.


If you come to Phnom Penh and you want a backpacker Hostel type accommodation ask for “Lakeside.” Do not go to the Capitol Hotel.


At 9:00 Oren, two Japanese, and me will rent a tuk tuk or small motorcycle with a 4 passenger seat on the back and make the tour of the city. I suppose it is going to cost each of us 2 dollars for the day.

Pol Pot a dictator in Cambodia killed some million people so there are mass graves in Cambodia. There is a movie called the “Killing Fields” that we also watched last night.

There are lots of statements and insinuations on why Pol Pot killed al the people and the movie depicts that the USA should not have bomb or invaded Cambodia.

But in the end, Oren said last night,“Look there is a whole room full of travelers listening to music and watching the movie the Killing Fields 20 years later.”There is according to my Encyclopedia supposed to be racial problems between the Cambodians and the Vietnamese people, it is not possible for me to see this, and the Vietnamese people look pretty much the same at the Cambodian people to me, so I would not be able to tell them apart, I did have a Cambodian say to me he did not like the Vietnamese people because they come in and do the prostitution in the country.

I really do not think there is any large racial problems between the countries, but that is just my gut feeling.