Ask Members Best Price for Plane Tickets?


Da Da at the the Da Da Guesthouse here in Victory Beach in the area or city of Sihanouk Ville has explained to me today that I can get a Vietnam Visa that is for 30 days, but is dated for anytime for 3 months. This is more or less an open visa for 3 months but when I enter I must stay for 30 day or less.

This is really good because even though I designate when the 3 months will start I can still enter after the date and still maintain or use my whole 30 days if I wish. The designating of a date of entry is not good.

But also, the price is the same. 30 U.S. Dollars and she can get it in one day.


I am going to go back to Phnom Penh and maybe go north or travel around some more, then I am going to go to Vietnam, either by water or by land, but when I return I will work my way along the coast of Vietnam and Cambodia all the way to Thailand so more or less I will have entered Cambodia by land, traveled across Vietnam by land, but then bounced along back to Thailand by water or the coast.