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Creedence Clearwater Revival Lyrics - "Who'll Stop The Rain"

2004-07-13 01:36:00

I am old enough to remember, but to young for the experience of the Vietnam War, protest and music that change the world, but there an ironic twist to life when you hear a song that is correct, at just the correct time.

I am sitting here in the internet cafe trying to send my newsletter and suddenly the lyrics start saying,

"Who'll stop the rain?"

It just stopped raining and life is just to good, and all ok in the world, Cambodia is just ancient history now and trying to be a tourist trap, as will Iraq in a few short years. Life goes on and the rain does stop.

My Newsletter this week from the Beach of Cambodia.

FOR those nostalgic people the word to

"Who'll Stop The Rain"

By Creedence Clearwater Revival Lyrics

Long as I remember

The rain been coming down

Clouds of mystery falling

Confusion on the ground

Good men through the ages

Trying to find a sun

And I wonder, still I wonder

Who'll stop the rain

I went down Virginia

Seeking shelter from the storm

Caught up in the fable

I watched the tower grow

About your plans for new year

Wrapped in golden chains

And I wonder still I wonder

Who'll stop the rain

Heard the singers playing

How I cheered for more

The crowd had rushed together

Trying to keep warm

And still the rain kept falling

falling on my head

And I wonder still I wonder

Who'll stop the rain


I'll try, there is always hope.