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2004-07-17 19:40:00

A log of what I am thinking about, and because it about travel I am suppose to talk about travel.

I suppose that makes sense, but what happens when you are in a place that has nothing to do with travel, but is full of travelers that are making sure they do not hang around with the people of the country?

The Capitol Guesthouse is one of the worst guesthouses in the world in one of the most hostile feeling locations in the world surrounded by Cambodia Culture and the Number 9 guesthouse is a guesthouse where smoking pot and playing pool, watching movies and listening to music is easy and there is no Cambodia Culture.

I am thinking that I need to take a taxi during the day to the other end and see the country.

Cambodia, what to do with this country? I am still lost and without a path to understand the country, the paths are defined so that we must stay on the path, and there is not clear way to go see Cambodia, and sadly what they sell is how there leader Pol Pot committed Genocide and how there people can be outrageously cruel.

I have never been in a country where they sold themselves short so well and the guidebook is so completely worthless. I am sure there are things outside the Hotel / Hostel Resort that are real, but how do you get there? All the paths, buses, and mentalities lead nowhere but towards Vietnam, or back to Thailand. No road leads to the culture, there is nothing being sold about the culture but Genocide and Cruel people killing people or poverty, this by my inspection is a pretty wealthy country.

“They have washing machines, air compressors, and car washes, every home has two bikes and one motorcycle. South America is extreme poverty compared to here.”

But what they are selling is poverty and a cruel world.

“I am not buying.”

There has got to be something of interest beside looking at their dirty laundry and the skeletons in the closet, there has to be something about Cambodia that is interesting or has there culture been sold?

The people are happy and they joke around, they smile quick and this is a lot quicker than Thailand, the people are friendly, but they are giving me nothing fun to go look at, so I must go find it. The Lonely Planet Guidebook is worthless and should not be used as a reference for this country as they have written the country off as not being worth visiting, so they give you no desire to stay.

I will leave for Vietnam on Tuesday maybe and then get almost instantly in Vietnam a Visa to return to Cambodia. I am thinking about going and chasing down these Montagnards. That means Mountain Dweller in English. This is a Frenchie word and the Cambodia people do not seem to understand the word, so we have a label for people that do not know they are labeled.


I watched half of the movie the other night in the Happy Hotel.I do not suffer fools wells so I had to leave, I have a life.

Michael Moore needs to come to Cambodia and find out how lucky he is for living in the USA, in Cambodia he would already be dead.  One way or the other I predict that Michael Moore will be killed in the next 3 years, and he can be the next Che Guerrera and all the travelers can walk around with his fat face on their shirts.

Michael Moore.I am really amazed that a Fat American can be the European Hero, it just proves they have lost the plot. Lead on Fat White Man from America, you are the messiah of the masses leading us from ignorance, and living proof that the Genetic pool has stopped working.

Bottom line is the movie is one of the worst movies I have ever half seen, way below par for any intelligent person.