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2004-07-04 20:19:00

I am in Siem Reap the city next to Angkor Wat, the trip here was a real wild story so I am saving for the Newsletter. I hope to send today.


Friday July 2, 2004

I am leaving for Cambodia tomorrow on a 7 AM bus, it is an executive bus with Air Conditioning and will be very easy until the border where if we repeat the same path as I went before we will change to one of the middle range buses. It is ok as long as we arrive tomorrow.

I have a list of things to collect or do before I leave, most just miscellaneous things that I can buy anywhere, but because I know this area can buy quicker.


I went and got my computer after I had a Thai friend call and verify that it was done. They said they called me and wrote me and email but I was wise enough to not count on that happening, but the great part is they got it done quick, but I am still not sure it is ok.

But the great part is the computer hard drive worked last night long enough for me to completely backup the new computer onto my second or old computer. I am now completely backed up and if both computer do not get stolen I am ok in a way.

I am actually in very good shape now, but still always nervous about backing up information. I have over one gig of information in webpages or photos. That is like maybe 750 of them small 3.5 floppy disks or two of the CD Roms. I am going to have to separate the webpage into two CD Roms so I can backup. I am very happy about the web site and my work now as it is starting to make sense in life.


1. Now until 30 Days back is on 30 Meg Flash Drive.

2. Two computer in and they are duplicates of same information but except for may the current 30 days.

3. All photos are posted daily to the webpage.

4. CD Roms a made of 700 or less FOLDERS of the hard drive. This takes about 7 CD Roms.

5. Mail home or leave with a friend in the event of an emergency. I normally just leave with a friend that could overnight this to me quickly as it become old information in less than a month.

6. Carry a copy of the CD Roms, note that I try to keep in a separate bag than my computers.

7. Passwords are backed up in a mail box on the internet.

FUTURE Hope for backup.

I want to send a CD Rom of my webpage to another hosting company and than have them mirror the site in the event my page goes down.


In the Thai language it is something like bye tee oh that means to go wander around without a plan, or also I think to go on vacation. It is not clear to me and I think it is not clear actually to the Thai people what it means, they think simple and not in specific terms. Every word is general and not exact as are most languages of the world, it often hard to believe we can describe what we want, but when you add the hand gestures, the looking with the eyes, and a few other non-word communications you can see that words are not that important for the normal day to day activity.

Communication is easy in other languages as long as you do not try to talkā€¦ talking just interferes with what we want to say.