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2004-06-29 22:10:00

I am not sure what to think lately as too much of too much is happening and I cannot seem to slow down the world enough to see what is going on, or why I am doing what I am doing? It may be the first time in Asia or South America where I feel like I am reacting to the world and not just deciding what I am doing everyday. I am sad to say it because of having too many friends and not enough time. Every friend I meet takes X amount of time and this means sometimes at the end I have no time left.


I watched some show about a Science Teacher that became a professional Baseball Pitcher last night on TV in my room, fortunately or unfortunately I have a TV in my room, this is nice, but sometime the TV does become my life also, as I do know Bangkok and it is nice to just sit around watching movies.

But the movie was about a dreamer that made his dreams come true, you have to ask yourself when you are watching a movie about dreaming,

“What are my dreams?”

So of course I asked myself,

“What are my dreams?”

I suppose my travel dreams are about finding the beach world where I can swim or walk between islands and on each island there are travelers and locals that read and write, and talk more than the have their heads in a CD rom player, or Drinking and Drugging. Some more cultural travelers like South American and less of the drug Travelers like Asia. Someone said to me the Hotel you life in can really determine your happiness, I know in the end this is everything, but not that easy to do, or not that easy to decide which hotel will make you happy.

I am in a very Beautiful hotel that I was sharing with Gai a Thai girl for the last few days and it is great when she is here, but I know alone this Hotel is Desolate. It cost the same price as the cheap one when you share a room in Thailand and you can live very good when there is two people, as far as the quality of the room, but that does not mean you are living with a lot of fun people. I am questioning myself if there is really fun people in Thailand, there are lot of girl opportunities and party opportunities, but I think the conversation is on the lowest end and the beach life is on the high end.

It is time to move to other areas of the world, but that is not always easy. I was watching news about Sudan in Africa and thought that it would be nice to go to Kenya, Sudan or Ethiopia. I had a man from Holland 6 years ago say that Ethiopia was his favorite country in the world, this meant a lot to me because he had been to 160 countries.


I woke up this morning to a Rooster crowing and is still crowing a couple of hours later. There is nothing romantic about a Rooster crowing in the morning as they start crowing about two hours before sunrise and if there are two of them they will sit around competing to see who is loudest for a few hours. They can sometime compete with dogs barking, I suppose the repetition is what gets me.

There are black wood building behind the very modern hotel in which I live, so the Chickens and the people are living mixed in with the foreigners, a mix that is strange and does seem Thai to me, as there is never a consistency of life, there is always a choice of lives, you must choose the path you take and this does not mean the choice will allow you to not look at the other path.


I am carrying two computer in my bag, one for working on letters and such and the other to work on big Web Page projects. The one I type on or the newest one just stopped working yesterday, it stopped in a serious way and not just a blinking way or problem way, it was like it said,

“I am crashing.”

It would not come on under any condition, I instantly took it to the Hewlett Packard Service center here in Thailand, it is going to keep me in Bangkok for another week until it is repaired. It is under warranty until December they say, although my receipt says it is under warranty until April, I am amazed that Hewlett Packard has such a screw up on warranty information inside their computer system and all is in favor of them and not the consumer. I am going to start a big list of letters to Hewlett Packard to get them to change the date of my warranty until it listed at the right date. If I lost my receipt it would be a problem and in reality the receipt is very little protection. I learn ever day that the computer should be considered a disposable item and not a permanent tool to use, the memory inside the computer is of value, but the computer is of no value, I need to be able to work on the nearest computer to me.

Backups. I use a Thumb Flash card to keep all my current downloaded emails and any type of Blog, newsletter or any crucial data like my different databases of information, and then back it up on the computer. The webpages are backed up on the internet. I am using a network wire to copy all the information from one computer to the second computer, although I had just started this and it was only half completed. I do have all information backed up in one way or another, but it is the time it takes to continue working as normal that is the problem and not the backing up, the only good of backup is the speed at which or before I can continue as normal. I am amazed at how little people use their hard drives for information. I told the techies at the Thai Hewlett Packard that I had 6 Gigs of Valuable information, they sort of looked at me like why would you save information on your computer? This is the same in the USA and nobody seems to care or value the data on the computer, they act like the programs are of value, but the time it took to take the photos and fill up the computer with information is more valuable than the computer. I am backed up, but not the way I wish, and really do not think it is possible to be as backed up as I wish as I would spend more time backing up than I spend making the data.

I presently backing up information in 6 locations and it is not foolproof, plus confusing.

1. Flash Drive.. (Too small.)

2. CD Roms … (Files become Corrupt)

3. Internet … I cannot put up critical information.

4. Extra Computer - If I lose both computers, I lose.

5. In my Yahoo mail box. (Cannot back up.)

So my dream of traveling and working is always difficult and very frustrating, but it does work in the end, but I can guarantee this is only for the best of the best presently, and not the normal person working on the computer.