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2004-06-03 05:16:00

I did it, I got another letter out and that makes me relax, like the calm after a storm, it is sometimes painful to write them letters as I really have no idea what to write about, as there is nothing all that exciting happening this week, but nonetheless I popped it out.

Germany is proof I need a car, there is nowhere to go in this small village except to the bike path, and to look at the houses, and they seem to be lacking a coffee shop. But it does have the two churches and one grocery store, plus one bank.

I have been spying around and looking for used car lots, and trying to figure out how to buy a used car, I have the feeling in the bigger city of Germany I could find a used car or van pretty easy. There is one over here parked behind a barn that looks perfect, but I do not speak German and need to have some translation or help to inquire, Sabine is great, but is working most of the time.

I keep thinking about food.

I realized the other day that when there is a refrigerator I eat more, and when there is no refrigerator I eat less. I just get rid of the refrigerator and no problem.

Poor countries have no fridges and they are thin, not the Iraqi people have freezers and they are fatter, but it is not a poor country.

Israel must have lots of fridges by the look of Aron Sharon.

I have two friends in Bangkok or will be in Bangkok when I get there, Oren from Canada, and Francis from Canada.

I just hooked up a free blog for Oren, he is very funny guy, and writes some great group mails. I am going to try to convince Francis to do this also, because he is one of the worlds best cheap travelers.

OREN BLOG - Empty as of today.


But it is new, and I think he will blog, I am trying to figure out a way to automate the process so I can let people use my site as a place to host their blogs.


I used to always have my metatags correct a few years ago, but I have got lax.

I used Macro Express and have been letting my 2nd computer run copying the title, and inserting metatags in 6000 pages.