Members Fly to Europe for $150 Dollars


2004-06-08 22:59:00


I made it to the boarding gate, surprised that I can smile and open a door, they was giving people some weight problems on bags, and such and I got weighed in at 23 Kilos, only 3 kilos over weight and the end of my bag was hanging off the edge… (Not weighed correctly.)

What a drag though I had already dumped a my 10 kilos of weight at Sabine house and I am still heavy. I am too prepared for bear, and need to hunt squirrel.

I am 5 books lighter than normal, so things are strange, I have the same clothes as normal also, so I have no idea. Surely my decision to carry 12 pairs of underwear and socks did not put me up this high.

I have had to stand in 3 long lines. There is a line now at the boarding to check something. I am in the other side of the room waiting the the line to go down to nothing while the rest appear to be reliving their Kindergarten experience of obeying and standing in line. Follow the leader and do not complain, I am always amazed at the hurry of passengers with a reserved seat to get in line and stand for to board the airplane. I am almost always the last to get on, because I have a seat and I am not going to stand up for one-half hour just to go to a seat I have already reserved.


So this is where? It is strait south of Iraq and to the lower end of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. It juts out into the Persian gulf and is a wanna be tourist trap with wanna be Muslims friends, and I am in doubt, but that is not my problem as I am just stopping and leaving to go to Bangkok. I think the USA Army has their base of operation there for the attack of Iraq. One of them countries that we bought to proceed. I was amazed we just paid Saudi Arabia some many millions of dollars for some type of harm we caused to the region by having the war. I would not pay anybody, this is ridiculous to pay some country because we fought their Muslims in Iraq. I do not see these countries as really being separated. I feel in the last month I have decided the Muslim religion has some fatal flaws and is a cult and not a religion. Maybe this is crusade and not just a war.

Oh well, blow them all up and let God separate the good from the bad. I am just pressed all the time to listen to how bad the people or Iraq lives are and I have been in whole continents that are worst.

South America

Central America

South East Asia


I have two DVD movies with me and later in the day I am going to sit down and watch them, one is “A beautiful Mind” and the other is “A Knights Tale.” I had the “Lost in Translation,” but gave it away because the movie is slow and not a movie to watch a few times. But that Knights Tale is always a good one and the music wakes me up.

I have already spied some electrical plugs to use for a connection, but I am also lucky I have a quick convert end for my USA to GERMAN round plug type.


Monday, June 7, 2004 about 1:30 pm

WLAN or something like that is available in the Airport, the cost is about 8 Euros per hour, but you have to get an account with T - Hotspot or T - Mobile, I cannot go to their address so I can not figure out the exact URL, but I guess if you could go to

That is the airport site, I guess.

Hard to say for sure because they got me locked into this wireless local service that will not me go anywhere, but the airport advertising.

Logan airport in Boston did the same, it forced me to go to a page to buy access, but that was just for Logan I believe and 7 dollars per hour.


Samsung has set up some free kiosk type internet access, they are really crappy and the computer keyboards do not function well, but you can access for free, there is no way to do anything but look at one page, and I cannot cut and paste this blog info to the computer, but I can browse around and waste some time. I have about 11 hours until my plane.


Monday, June 7, 2004 9 am

I just boarded the train to Frankfurt Germany to go to the Flug I think, or airport. I am hoping I did this correctly and end up at the correct location, I am told to pick up my ticket a Thai Jet airlines and the got to Quatar Airline to fly to Bangkok via Doha, Quatar. If all goes well in about 24 hours. So I am on a pretty long journey in terms of time, but in terms of actual transportation not so long. I will arrive in Frankfurt in about one hour at around 10:46 in the morning and get to wait 12 hours until 11:30 for the plane to leave, sleep on the plane and arrive in Bangkok the next morning.

30 Euros for this train to Frankfurt from Wurzburg Germany, I would have hated to find out how much it cost for the one from Tuttlinger.

I am ready to leave Germany although the luck of the draw has made my trip in Germany easier than the rest of Europe. I will really be happy to be in a place where transportation is so cheap you can just go anywhere without thinking. Say,

“Taxi, Khao San Road”

5 Dollars later I am at the Hotel with no walking.

The strangely I can take a bus for 5 dollars for a 12 hour trip to the Islands with no problems. Life is just too easy in the poorer countries, but easy countries.

This train is nice though and I have this tray table to place my computer on and I can work or play on this toy as long as the battery last.

Stopped and looked around for a plug like the Amtrak trains in the USA. The Amtrak trains are comfortable, and always late.