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2004-06-01 15:54:00

Strange as it may be I really do not enjoy Blogging, I do it rather as a distraction, or in some ways to remember what I am thinking about, but for sure I do not like to talk just about travel, but I think my mother enjoys to know that I am thinking, or I would say she knows me so well that she know I am ok, by the way I write.

So what is up?

I am watching CNN, and George W. Bush seems to have this Iraqi war all wrapped up, just cleaning up the last messes we have put off to the end, and they we can leave the country, so I am predicting after the June 30 turn over of command to the Iraqi crazies, we can get out of Iraq.

I was laughing at what we need is an excuse to leave Iraq, and the CNN - Communist New Network keeps giving him the excuse, as they constantly portray the Iraqis as wanting us to leave, and I can tell you that in my opinion after my 35 days in Iraq that is the last thing the Iraq small people want, but the Clerics in their mafia minded desire for control hopefully will get their wish. I am ready for the USA soldiers to leave, it is time to let the Iraq people change their own diapers.

So CNN, thank you in a round about way for giving the Commander and Chief the excuse he needs to leave.

“The Iraqi People do not want us in Iraq.”

Which is in my opinion not true.

But so on and so forth Bush can exit stage left in JUNE, take out about 75,000 troops and Crowds of Cheering Americans can welcome them home as heroes and Georgy become in higher esteem.

But WMD … Weapons of mass destruction, the CNN is setting him up perfect as the Election come our way in November. George can release a book form document of WMD, and he will be the Hero, I thank again CNN for trying so hard to make him look bad as nothing make you look better than a good comparison, so the worst he looks now the better he will look before the election, besides I am not sure anyone thinks Kerry is anything but a wimp that changes his opinion daily, no steadfast presidential thoughts in that head.

The Osama Bin Laden…. Will he show up just in time for the Election, I would guess that there will be some real big searches for him soon.

OIL…. Hehehe another comparison, as they all boost their production it should drive down the price 50 cents USA by the Election.

All the dominoes are arranging themselves perfect, as I think Georgy has a noble cause in his head, and that tend to attract noble followers and tell you who has the devil inside of them.


Thailand sun is one of my favorites, and maybe I can figure out how to jump to the Philippines.


Sabine listed out about 20 reasons why a girl would never marry me the other night, that was enlightening and interesting as I do not really care if they marry me, but do care if I am still in the game.

I am glad she is not a girlfriend or I would have to dump her.

It happens all the time that people tell me all the reasons that the life I lead is not for them, I never would want people to live the life I live, but I do want the world to slow down. Why is everyone in a hurry, and where are they going?


Travel is a comparison as all thing are in comparison to something, and I am sure that most people want to appreciate special, but refuse to focus on the common, and without the common there is nothing special.