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2004-06-27 23:29:00

Have too much happy.

Perfect Thai English for too much fun.

What you learn when you travel is how to not talk your own language correctly, but to understand a different way to think. I got a lecture on the fact that also maybe too much fun is not good also, and this is probably a Buddhist idea and maybe she is correct, the balance in life it too have the proper balance of all things good and bad.

I am in Bangkok and read to leave for Cambodia on next Wednesday or maybe Thursday, it depends? Just depends, not really important on why it depends, but that is also part of thinking different, not such a need to know why, but just depends.

I am doing very well, when to Pantip the computer mall yesterday and purchased some programs for translation, I am wanting to translate my 150 newsletters into 5-10 different language, a great way to be a get a more worldly crowd reading the newsletter and a simple way of making more money as the translation process is easier than me writing so I am a little greedy and a little worldly or international at the same time, I suppose it not greed because I do not want too much, but just a enough to get a little higher on the food chain.

Cambodia is a former French Colony with Laos, and Vietnams which means bread more or less.


Laos France 1893-1953

Burma British 1826-1940-50s or called Myanmar

Thailand - Not colonized, but drive on the left so maybe a bigger influence by the British and electrical more British?

Vietnam France 1862-1950s

I am working to classify or break up the world into colonization or how they were colonized by the modern western world, not so much on like when the Chinese occupied Vietnam or very old dynasties, but more the modern dynasties. This is because I can almost predict the number or mix of countries visiting the country and how the food, electrical, sewer, or lack of sewers and things like that appear. I am not sure how this will all work out, but so far it appears the British were a little more generous in their concept of colonization than most of the other Dynasty builders, the French seem to be more on the take and not give back idea and the Spanish were just plain take. All of South America and Central America is almost a Spanish Colony, expect for small parts of northern South America Guyana, Surinam and Brazil.

I like to see where the French girls like to visit, it just seems wise.