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2004-06-06 03:39:00

Wonder why I am in Germany on D-day, quirk of fate I suppose.


I have nothing to watch but CNN and all day it is about D-Day, this is very interesting and sad in many ways that people needed to fight. I have to admit…


I heard him talk about history and say,

“History does not repeat itself.”

I had a guy in Arbil, Iraq that was an American official say that the French are so “Ingenuine.”

I am still trying to learn this word, but I will say I think it applies to Chirac. My friend Jack from Canada, a former Korean War vet said,

“The French know how to be occupied.”

I think to know your position in life if important and I think France is going to lose their whole power basis if they do not accept that they are a former world power and Germany, Brazil, and even Holland is more important than France, nothing worst that a false belief being used to manipulate the world. France has good bread.


I am sitting here playing around on my computer and very ready to leave, it is going to be a long day tomorrow as will have leave early and in the end it takes me 24 hours. This plane ticket has been bad as now I had to pay 348 Euros one-way from Frankfurt to Bangkok, this is about one hundred Euros more than a good deal.

I had to pay more because I am in a little city and not in a big city where I can shop around.


D-Day and H-Hour, terms used in military nomenclature for a basic date and time from which any event, usually an attack, can be scheduled, before the actual date and time are fixed. For example, it may be necessary to lay down an artillery barrage two days before the attack begins (D minus 2), to carry out a bombing attack five hours before the attack (H minus 5), and to have certain supplies delivered three days after the start of the attack (D plus 3). These events and many others must be planned and integrated weeks before the attack is actually scheduled to commence; the decision about the precise time of the attack, which may depend on weather, tides, or other local conditions, can be deferred until one or two days before D-day itself. The best-known D-day was June 6, 1944, in World War II, when Allied forces landed in Normandy (Normandie).


Four Freedoms

United States president Franklin D. Roosevelt

1. freedom of speech and expression

2. freedom of worship

3. freedom from want

4. freedom from fear.


1. Free Toilets

2. Free Water

From Encarta Encyclopedia