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2004-06-18 00:05:00

I leave at 6:00 pm for Khon Khoen again, and then to Korat to see a friend and then to Bangkok. is flying into Bangkok on the 21st and I can go visit, with one of the bigger travel site owners in the world.

I am excited to see him, as I almost never meet people with real working Travel WebPages that make money and do good. I suppose a few Hotel Web Page owners, but they do good in spite of themselves and Johnny does good because of himself. He as been in lots of Newspapers like USA Today and such.


I wanted to go see this hammock that is also a tent, but when I get to Chang Rai, I realized finally that maybe the address is in Chang Khong and not Chang Rai, I am not sure, but I wrote the owner and home he writes me before the day is done, and maybe there is a showroom in Chang Rai. What a hassle.


Friday, June 18, 2004, 6:23 PM

I will leave this morning by bus for Chang Rai around 8:00 am more or less, I am not sure how often the bus leaves, but it leaves often enough that I do not have to schedule my day, just leave and when it leaves I go.

I will visit this Siam Hammock-Tent place today, it is very irritating that I got on their WebPages last night and had a Thai friend search for their address in the Thai language, one-half the website is Thai and the other half is English, so they should have one address in Thai.

I am baffled and irritated severely when people try to write or telling me addresses for places in countries like Thailand in English, I can understand it when the person speaks English, but for a Thai person to sit down and write me an address in English is of no value.

So I now have this English address.

Mr. Watchara Lewpongsawat

Baan Tam-mi-la

113 soi 1 M.8 wieng,

Chiangkhong, Chiangrai 57140


I suppose a map would be out of the question?

But what am I to do? There is no way to convince business owners to empathies with their clients and provide information on how to buy something and not just why to buy something.

I want to buy one for me to experiment, as I really think the design of this one has some fatal flaws, but that is ok, you are lucky to buy this tent in more than three or four places in the world, the Hennessey is one of the famous ones also, I first saw this one in Pai, Thailand a year or so ago.