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2004-06-22 21:20:00

Wednesday, June 23, 2004, 5:43 AM trying out a Tuk Tuk!

I spent the day with John of yesterday and I showed him Khao San Road and we talked about travel, later we went to the Palace or I think it was the Palace as it looked more like a Wat or Temple to me than a Palace. Very interesting to meet a person that makes his living from the Internet and knows it is really possible to make money on a Web Page.

I brought along Francis for kicks and we had fun from a different travel perspective than Johnny, he mostly travels in the USA or maybe more correctly a higher luxury level than us, so we showed him the inside of Hobo life.


Walked over the palace, they would not allow us to enter without long pants or socks and shoes, I had the shoes and socks, but needed pay 100 baht to borrow or rent some long pants, so the Thai tourism makes life possible to buy in way one way or the other.

The palace had to be one of the most splendid man-made places I have seen and so full of colors and landscaping. Mostly a temple in looks and design and absolutely fully involved in the Buddhist religion and concepts of life. Reds, Yellow, Greens, and points and statues. This place has the spiked or pointed dragon like arches and full of motives or sharp corners.

Johnny liked the place very much and it was interesting to watch and American as they view something in every aspect totally opposite of American culture. Whether on Khao San Road or in the Palace it overwhelming for an individual to see, smell, and feel a place like Thailand, for me an Francis living in the middle of the chaos we become immune to the too much world we live in all the time and forget to remember that we different from the normal tourist as we live here in essence, but they tourist is here just a week or two. in front of Temple at Royal Palace in Bangkok Thailand

Thailand Royal Palace


Monday June 21, 2004, 7:55 PM

I wrote a few emails to friends and Oren a man I met in Varanasi, India came to visit, we spent the day talking about why and whats of travel, you know questions like,

“What is a traveler?”

I suppose we have an identity crisis sometimes when we are not sure where we fit in or who we are, this Thailand is full of tourist and some that call themselves travelers and others that call themselves backpacker, it is not really important I suppose unless you call yourself a traveler as I may on some days.

We also discussed a sort of Hobo creed of going on the cheap and not being overwhelmed by the ease of life so we chose the easy path and not a Hobo path. I suppose there is a snobbery in believing that we should pride ourselves in our ability to go on a very good budget, or just plain cheap.

Oren found some interesting places in Bangkok and even took me to a place where the internet is free, he is sort of half Israel or Jewish and knows the ins and outs of the Israel bunch, and they seem to really have Bangkok wired for sound when it comes to having locations that are very good values. He is from Canada, but says that he is going to live in Israel around September or October, this is excellent and I can go and visit him and we can muse about the world of travel some more. Interesting how we set ourselves apart from the other travelers and even somewhat do not relate to the other tourist, and it all has to do with the debate.

“Are we travelers or tourist?”

I suppose a traveler buys a one-way ticket and does not have an itinerary.

He said that he changed his travel plans for a woman and this seem quite reasonable for a traveler, and even forego a trip to tourist place for woman, I was an interesting conversation.

He went to Koh Pha Ngan and left tonight saying we could hook up again in Siem Reap, Cambodia or maybe even in Bangkok before I left and follow the path. Good to have a Hobo on the path, plus girls do seem to like us in pairs.

He considers Thailand pretty boring and is looking for some high excitement, I am not sure what he means, but he considered India much more exciting, but not as dangerous as Thailand, there is always a violent undercurrent in Thailand while India seem passive to the bone. Excitement and travel, looking for the adventure that is full of questions and things we do not understand, I have to admit,

“India is a question mark.”

So I had a good day and life was good.