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2004-06-20 21:29:00


1. Try to finish my Webcam project with Steve from

2. Apply and wait for the 5 days for the Vietnam and Cambodia Visas.

3. Meet up with Oren if he replies to Emails.

4. Meet up with for sure.

5. Go to Panthip the Computer mall and buy some translation software and other stuff.

6. Go to JJ Market on next Saturday as this is like a wholesalers market.

7. Buy a guidebook.


Sorry for the Blogger being sent out 8 times as glitch or problem happened in Khon Koen as I a tried to publish or post my blog on blogger the high speed connection or maybe a proxy caused a problem in clicking and results page. It is like when you send an email an it goes to a blank page, then you try again until you get the proper results page, well I tried 7 times before I gave up, and then on the next day sent from a different machine in Bangkok. But the had kept the prior post in its memory.

So to say the least, the Internet and Computers are not perfect and right in par with people, so I guess they are like humans.

I am back in Bangkok and had to skip Khorat or maybe Korat, but the name is really “Nakhon Ratchasima” and Khorat or Korat is the common or nickname for this place, I was going to visit a reader Steve but saw the hooking up process in a speedy fashion as being a no go situation. I have learned over time what is easy and what is not easy, and trust me stopping to visit a person is just a pain most of the time as nothing ever goes correctly, in fact I will almost not even consider it unless there is an overwhelming amount of correspondence from a person, the human animal is just too undependable to taking buses across countries to visit.

I only had a day to meet Steve, he teaches English, I needed to call his cell and all sort of other arrangement problems, plus he is a day later email responder and not an immediate, which very few people are a immediate responder, and some are on the week program. The week responder to emails is impossible to visit, as I need constant contact to visit a person or risk the time.

In the end.


I am to meet, but I have a definite hotel where he will live, a last name, and a reception desk. So I have three major factors in hooking up with people:

1. Address: Where the person is located.

2. Telephone Number: This is ok, but in the end calling a person is very difficult.

3. Time: I have a 3 day window of time to connect, because we both will be in the same city for 3 days and me more.

4. is an immediate responder to emails, this is also a huge benefit and in the end my number one reason to visit with a person. If I am not getting a steady and quick response it is almost impossible to hook up, as the cost and time is extraordinary.

BUS FROM KHON KOEN TO BANGKOK a.k.a Krung Thep by locals.

Sunday, June 20, 2004, 11:09 PM

I am on the bus and from a stroke of bad luck am in the very back of the bus with a lot of bouncing going on, I hope I do not get motion sick as the up and down motion causes this the most.

It is a first class Thai bus that cost 302 Baht for the six hour trip, and has a lady stewardess, free food, water, and Lays Potato Chips, I am thinking they will serve some rice type dish soon because my seat is reclines almost flat and is above the Styrofoam containers of food, so I hope the smell is food and not the toilet.

Bad thing about being in the back of a bus is the toilet is usually there an traffic and smells can be bad, this bus is a very good bus though. The leg room is extremely large and I sometimes thing the first class buses are really a lot better than the tourist buses that leave from Khao San road.

I was going to go to Khorat but I have too little time between now an when comes to town and I really want to meet him.


On the map in my Encarta Encyclopedia in my computer it shows some type of mountain range between Khon Koen and Bangkok, I am really hoping that this a small one as it would really make me motion sick.

There is the normal upper level type Thai people on the bus. Everyone has a cell or mobile phone and for the life of me I cannot figure out why the whole world has taken to looking at their phone all the time, they will sit there with the phone in hand and hold them like pacifiers or some for of comfort, the man next to me with the short hair, hollow cheek look has had the phone in his hands now for the last two hours.

The steward is a fox and is right behind me, she does not speak English as best I can tell, and I hope not as she is looking over my shoulder at my computer as I type this. I keep telling her she is beautiful, and most Thai girls in contrast to American girls say thank you if they understand while an American girl seems to have problems with compliments.