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2004-06-14 23:06:00

CHANG SAEN - Tuesday 6:26 am

There are birds here and I can hear them because there are no other noises, I am in the JS Guesthouse which is charming in a funny way as the little woman that manages it speak almost zero English, but continues to communicate with me all the time in a round about way. I was here a year ago or so and it was full of other workers, I am afraid that it is empty of the other workers now because it is a very low season for Thailand. She appears to be here alone, or at least I have not spotted any other workers.


He lives in Bangkok.

I met this guy from Canada the last time I was in Thailand, it started because he wanted to pay to advertise on my site with his page:


But one great reason to return to Thailand a little quicker than I was thinking is because I wanted to talk with him again. His name is Steve and he is probably the first person I have ever encountered that I would say is an expert in the task of internet marketing, sadly as it may seem for a Hobo, a Hobo must make money enough for the day to day jump on the train, so I go from place to place looking for work in a way, but even though a more real Hobo went from place to place looking for work, so do I in so many ways.

Well, I spent a few hours the other day with Steve and we discussed lots of techie questions and ideas on how to make the best pages for people to search, read, find in search engines and all sorts of other things about life and living while making WebPages.

He pretty much only lives in Bangkok, but is fully in tune with what is going on in the world of travel for the most part, more of the upscale travel than me, but what the heck, we cannot all be sitting around doing nothing all day like me, as he does seem to upscale the work way beyond me and is ready to go.

We went to a T-shirt factory together which made T-shirts by the thousand with screen print and other ways of adding logos and designs. This was great to see how they can make T-shirts so cheap and so good and so bad at the same time.

Quality of products is maybe in directly correlated to the quality of life for some people, if they create a good quality product they may achieve a good quality of life. If you are a good cook the people will return to your restaurant and you will have a nice life.

Same for me, so if I create a good quality of writing, or ideas, or really I suppose if I knew clearly what I was producing I would have a good quality of life. I do not have a good quality of life, but maybe I am a bad example as sometime the direction I am going is not so clear to me or anyone I suppose, in the end my biggest goal is to just have my daily bread and exist anywhere I wish to exist.

So Steve is teaching me some great tricks of the trade and it is exciting as I can see that with a couple more months of work I can get the in tip-top shape and be less annoying to myself and more user friendly. I now use my own WebPages to find information on travel so I have went from just the plain collection of information on my site to being even a source for myself of ideas and links to information.