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2004-06-12 23:33:00


I leave tonight for Chang Rai and over to Chang Saen to see a friend.

I think south to Khon Kaen and to Khorat to see another friend.


I am in Bangkok.

How to go, what route to choose?

Visa Optimization.

Bangkok, Cambodia, Vietnam, Philippines, Bangkok?

Bangkok, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Bangkok?

The visa situation of Vietnam is a pain, or at least I think it a pain as you must designate the date you are entering the country or basically lose days on your visit because you do not use them, and if you arrive early you cannot enter. Cambodia is more or less get a visa at the border country now.


Bangkok, Thailand - June 12, 2004 Welcome Sawasdee Inn

I am watching some movie with Matt Dillion and James Caan about Cambodia, Bangkok and a world full of too much of the small things made to be too real.

Too much dirt.

Too many cultural idiosyncrasies.

Too much architecture.

Too much corruption.

Too many wasted people, and life too real.

I am the first to remind people,

“It’s a movie.”

What I am learning is that for Joe Blow normal and every Tom, Dick, and Harry they buy this hook, line, and sinker.

The separation between movie life and reality has blurred for the average person as they have not standard where to stop or stop their comparison, as there is no way to know what is real from what is a “movie.”

So now the media is able to sell people down the line further to and make the world seem even worse to make money, this just exacerbates the problem because it spirals out of control as the world buys these beliefs that life is as stupid and crazy as the TV, Movies, and New Media portray, so where does it stop.

Now as I travel from country to country I realize the travelers have went out into the world and become what the believe the world is, and not what the actually is, so they live life backwards. Living up to a life they believe is movie reality and not what is the truth.

So the only fortunate part is leader know the real world, because they could not have gotten to the top without an understanding of life on lives terms, and the average person just because they do not care to get involved with the stupidity and realize that is a movie and has nothing to do with them, but…


There is something like that some call a liberal, but that is not the correct label or definition of people that a really are just naïve enough to believe they understand the world when really they are totally unaware.

Liberal is sort of used as a badge or label that people can grab hold of to group people, but to me this label just seems inadequate to describe the skipping of a mental beat of some types of people.

There is really people that support some issue, and those who pride themselves in opposing that issue, and they stand for the people that are defined as the opposition, but who knows what solutions they stand for?

But in the end these movies have taught them some movie mentality that is not real, and some need to leave the room.


I have talked to about 20 people or had conversations with lots of people in the last two days, this is really nice and makes my life better than in Europe as I felt like there was little actual conversations. Last night I met up with Francis from Canada and he told me about his Thrombosis and how it a disease you get in your veins after smoking for 20 years. He said he is only 19 and has only smoked for 5 years so that could no be the problem. I gave him a push to quit and exercise, but I am not sure he is up for the idea.