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2004-06-04 06:44:00

Oops, I did not smell them, I took photos.

I started a 10 kilometer walk (Sound bigger, really 6 miles) to Tuttlinger and it started to rain, so I took about 10 photos of wild flowers, so I could occupy the brain.


I went for a early morning walk and was happy to find the bread shop open, so I went in to grab one of these expensive soft pretzels that are delicious. I pointed and said “I want the pretzel.” I really did not need to say anything out-loud so I did not, and she still go the idea and served me one pretzel in a small bag for .50 Euro.

I walked out the door, realized I would be carrying this bag around for the next half day if I did not throw it in the trash, so I went back in the store an deposited the bag in the trash bin, and walked out again.

I walked up and looked at the what I think is Catholic church that is more like a fort and browsed around a took photos. I think the church has holes in the side for guns or bow and arrows, but back to the story, I walked back down the hill and decided to deposit the 50 cent coin in the store and extract another of these soft pretzels or bretzels or something like that. There was a girl that went in ahead of me and proceeded to hold the door, smile, be very nice and started a conversation with me, and so to keep her from feeling silly I said,

“I speak English.”

I have not had anyone not think that I am German, they all talk to me in Germany

But we proceeded to have this choppy conversation and she got some butter put on a pretzel and I was hoping it was cream cheese, or that version of Jewish food, but it was butter so I went back to my stance of a low calorie one pretzel snack. The girl was served said something about goodbye, but did not use word, just talked with her face and eyes and left, the attendant then looked at my eyes, I said that I one more pretzel.


Note the slot, maybe for guns or bow and arrows?


(Sort of chose him in whether he likes is or not.. hehehe)


It might be, but from what I can see, am unconvinced. Look to see whether inside the tower the slots widen off to both sides. A tower built to support archery or gunfire would allow for the person inside to adjust their aim laterally by moving to either side. To do so, the backs of the slots were widened, keeping the fronts narrow to minimize the chance of projectiles coming through.

There are many old fortifications in Germany. So, part of me thinks that it would not be a surprise if this had been part of one.

If you are close to Burg Hollenzollern it is interesting. Built by the family of the Kaisers on one of their holdings in SW Germany (they were mostly in Prussia, NE), the fortress sits atop a mountain that you can see for miles. Frederick the Great's tunic, pierced by a bullet in battle, and the snuff box (or brandy flask, I forget) that saved his life, with the bullet still lodged in it, are on exhibit. A great castle/fortress, though a bit modern. And, a great pace to learn about the family that ruled Germany for 300 or so years.


WOW are these Germans smart.

She handed me the pretzel with NO bag, and I was so happy that she instantly calculated that I did not need the bag, I was walking, that the bag would just go in the trash and adapted.

NOW, what is so good about that, well I am not going to go into detail but in 80 percent of the world you can go into the same store twice a day and they will not learn or put two an two together. I am always amazed at even the stupid trailer trash of the USA can learn to adapt and change, but most countries just do not process in their head.

I could go into great detail on this observation, but the idiots would call me racist that I observe that some culture appear to be smarter than other, but they are in my mind, but sadly that does not mean they develop a higher level of moral values, it just means they can do math better, or see the connections faster.

Arabs seem to be able to think contradictory thoughts at the same time. Like leave Iraq and stay, and they will not see the problem with saying or thinking something like this, what the mean is stay in Iraq and help, but do not stay forever.


I realize each day that to watch CNN and BBC is detrimental to my happiness. Sadly these stations are the only thing to watch in lots of countries, and I have no choice if I am to watch TV. But in the fun countries they have lots of movies in English. Television to me is a good entertainment for a couple of hours a day.


I try my best to learn how to do nothing, this is not as easy as you would think as everyone around me always thinks I should do something that they wish for me to do. It is causing me problems with my friend Sabine because she thinks I should be going crazy because there is nothing to do in Seitingen. But there is a lot to do here and I am very happy in this village. I wish it would stop raining, but that is just normal obstructions to daily life, I cannot stop or change the rain, I can accept though.

So I sit around and think, and think, and think and I am with this guy that listens and helps me and does not complain when listening as I am with myself.

I sometime write done on my hand a project that I need to think about, I will spend the whole day trying to keep my mind on that subject and create a list of small things to do on that task, there is nothing hard about this, but my mind wanders and I do not focus.

I know that type of focus is probably unusual and is not what most people would consider fun, but I consider it interesting to have a good focus session with myself.

Sadly I truly believe that the normal society spends about 50 minutes an hour just thinking about nothing like a dog, or making sure their minds are preoccupied with activities. I would like to think the man down the hill that is pulling weeds out of his garden all day is thinking about other things than pulling weeds, but I am pretty sure that he is thinking about pulling weeds and is happy to not think about anything else, this is why he is pulling weeds, he does not want to think as thinking is a painful exercise for people.

That is not totally true, they want to think about simple things and not complicated things. I was watching a Lawyer that was sitting next to me on the plane working a crossword puzzle, she had carried with her on her vacation a big book of crossword puzzles. I personally cannot do or want to do crossword puzzles, but for her these games occupied her mind, she was very smart and I wondered why she used up the brain energy with this exercise that goes nowhere, although for sure I would say that this exercise is just as valuable to the world as on the solution to cancer, as in the end her only mission in her life should be to be happy. Whether she has a profound thought or a mundane thought is of no importance, what is important is that she is happy.

I annoy people by thinking too much, but it is not annoying myself, but I can for sure know I am annoying others when they tell me,

“”Stop thinking so much.”

Sabine told me in a round about way that what I think about is not good, I was laughing because she is a Harley type person and goes to Thailand to eat the food, now if you know me that is not my cup of tea. If she would have a discussion about the motor on the cycles, and whether it is a 2 cycle or 4 cycle and how the more cylinders there are makes the ride smoother I would have discussions about motorcycles, but in the end it more about where they go to party, so what am I suppose to say, but go have fun.

I am quickly using up my welcome, I should have left 3 days ago, as most single people do not want people in their house, that is why they are single as they like to be single. I suppose I like to be single because I am single, but I do not think this applies to me, I have though gotten very used to being by myself because I do not have a choice, and cannot change what life give me, and I must accept this station as there is no way to change this station.

But I am ready to go also, I am wanting some good conversation with somebody, or to at least spend my time looking at weird people and trying to think why they enjoy dressing up like clowns. I am trying my best to be unnoticed in life, and this is difficult when I must get my webpage noticed to make money, so I am trying to be anonymous and known by everyone at the same time.


People write me, I reply in the newsletter sometimes and sometime not.

I DO make the newsletter answer stronger than a normal email, and this is because readers do not focus unless the words have a bite.

But she was very very angry and it was humorous to me, as she see herself as being accosted in public, but she was just a name, and a name with no way of getting to her, so in the end the point is moot because I made a harsh remark to nothing but my letter, she is not a personality in the letter, but she took it very personal.

So I suppose because she got so mad, I was correct.

She was annoying me with always apologizing or trying to get me to stop acting like an American.

Readers want me to listen and agree and if I disagree then some get very angry, this is OK, as I am try to tell things as I think them and not to edit them, so the people that want that vicarious thing really get what I think and not some edited version, I very seldom go back and change the content, I go back to fix the grammar, but I almost always leave the content alone and let if fly, for if a person wants the real action on how I live on the road I cannot change it or it would not be real.

So maybe I have a mean thought, am I suppose to stop this thought and pretend I did not have a mean thought, if I type it down I should let it fly and let it stand.

I also have good thoughts, like me studying George Washington and his rules of civility. I am amazed at this man and his care for the country and his ability to do the right thing even when it hurt himself.

Well, I am tired of typing so I will go do something else.


I am learning to keep my mouth shut, that is new, but never soon enough.

I am watching the United Nations talk about how Iraq is supposed to get complete sovereignty which means control over their country, and these countries repeat and repeat this comment, and how silly for them to keep saying that, because the last thing that Iraq needs is complete sovereignty over themselves.

AND all these countries know this, but they want Iraq to go into pandemonium so they can get in for money reasons.

It is so hard to not evaluate the world by my USA value system of fairness and justice, the rest of the world just does not work on the same ideology they work on take when you get a chance.

NOW, this make my life very easy in most countries, because I am the bigger, smarter person often, and I can just take what I want, but that is not fair, but is nice in ways I will admit. This means that I can be the first in any line because I can push everyone out of the way. Big boy rules! But I do not use that rule unless I know that I will get punished for not acting like the locals, and end up standing on the bus.


I am realizing all the time that there is nothing about the United Nations that is trying to help the world, it was obvious when I was in Iraq that the United Nations food for oil program was a complete joke and that Iraq did not need the food, and that the UN people do nothing but suck cash for a job. I know there are some good people that believe they are doing good, but they do not ask,

“Why do I have a Toyota Land Rover that cost more than a whole village in some countries?”

The UN goes first class or they do not go.

Now going first class is not the way to learn about the normal person or to form a common bond with the normal person that needs help.