It is time to leave, I am ready to return to my normal life of travel.

I leave tomorrow night at 8:30 from Fremont, Indiana going to a city called Framingham, MA. It is close to my friend home in Upton, MA, that I will go visit until Thursday when I fly to London.

Life is very good and in some ways too good, I am sure if the world did not complain there would be nothing to talk about. Life is very easy here, and I am doing very well. My family is all healthy and wise, no worries.

I am excited because I should receive an antenna for my new computer. It will make it so I can hope on free internet connections. A company called:


is going to send me one for FREE. I hope, they sort of screwed up the order the first time, but hopefully it will be in Boston when I arrive.

I called up to buy one, and then told them I would be a great advertisement. I have moral or mental debates as to what I should or should not recommend. I take great care, but in the end I will normally recommend something I will do, so because I was going to purchase this Wireless Antenna it is safe for me to recommend.


It will extend my range from about 300 Feet up to 3 Mile!

But, I do not have one yet. I also have to go buy this special PCMIA card that allows me to screw on their pigtail.

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