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Staphylococcus and 70 Dollar Shots - Injections

2004-05-06 03:04:00

The doctor said I had this type of Infection:


Doctors and travel is a difficult problem, especially for older people, how does one have in Health Insurance that will protect you anywhere in the world? A person may have to be a millionaire to do this.

I spend lots of time thinking about this, and there are so many problems with Insurance, what happens if they exclude the problem and there is so much small type and exceptions. In the end I know the USA will take care of my body and stop me from dying, but I am not sure how to buy insurance for any country in the world.

The Urgent Care charged 78 for this appointment. 71 dollars for shot, and 22 to pump it into me.

I made them tell me in words. I am going to ask my friend in Thailand how much the same shot would cost?