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2004-05-11 03:10:00


I am constantly aware here in the USA that life is too fast for ME, I am not saying that people do not have the right to live a fast and furious life, but after 5 years in Latino countries it is difficult and not my cup of tea to live life at faster than first gear.

But I am in a constant mental fight with myself to try to learn a way to not speed up or take on the behavior of my surroundings. Easy to say we do not do this, or just do not do this, but that is disfunctional just to think you do not become like your surrounding, I am constantly just an example of environment I am living within.

But... I took a walk yesterday.

I walked for 6 miles from one location to another here, and it slowed me down.

I saw the trees, I smelled the dirt, the sky is clear here, and there are a few aluminum cans along the road, and much more than you can see from a car. People throw out cigarette packs or beer cans, and the side of the road is always a hill. I had to walk on the edge of the road and it is always at a slant, I am sure that one leg could get stronger than the other.

Why... I want to walk across Sweden, and also wanted to see how long it takes to walk a mile. It takes 1 hour for me to walk one mile. So if I got up ever morning and walked for three hours, I would walk about 10 miles.


That is about 625 miles, or something like that, therefore it would take 60 days to walk across the country or less, because people would give me rides.