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Members Fly to Europe for $150 Dollars


2004-05-22 13:38:00

What a drag, I am going to have to leave the Hostel tonight at 10:30 PM and take the Underground - Subway - Tube to Liverpool and then take the Stansted Airport Express train to the Airport. I should get there about 12 midnight and will have to sit around until or sleep until 7:30 when my plane leaves. There is the only cost effective way to use my cheap ticket. But sadly… I purchased a 5 Pound ticket.

5 Pounds for Plane Ticket.

15 Pounds in Taxes and such.

4 pound probably for Tube to Liverpool.

15 Pounds for Stansted Express train.

Aaagh, the 5 pound ticket is now change to a 40 pound ticket.

Still a great deal, but sucks in extra cost, if I would have flown out of Heathrow life would be easy, but these smaller airports are a hassle.

40 Pounds equals about 70.80 Dollars U.S. at 1.77 to the Pound.

So I pay 70 dollars more or less for a plane ticket from London England to Genoa Italy.

The bonus is the Hostel refunded my 16 pounds because I will not sleep at the Barmy. I made the mistake of paying for both nights in advance. I have go to stop being so optimistic, always better to pay as I go, he said if they rented the room they would give me the money and I was fortunate they rented the room.


Airports are a lot better for sleeping than bus stations or train stations as there is normally a better quality of the human animals, and airports are more 24 hour traffic.


I would rather sleep in the airport and arrive in Genoa at 10:30 in the morning than to leave later in the day and arrive in city at night walking around looking for a cheap room. This way I will have the whole day to find a great home for a couple of week or less.


I will do my best to always arrive before 2:00 pm / 1400 in the day as anytime after that almost doubles or triples your chances of having serious problems whether it be getting robbed or ending up walking around a city with no room for hours.