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2004-05-06 03:19:00

I am language paranoid.

In the USA I can say I got a shot.

But if I said that to a lot of people in other countries and they may think I got shot by a bullet.

I believe with certainty that this is called a "colloquialism"


Characteristic of or appropriate to the spoken language or to writing that seeks its effect; informal in diction or style of expression.


1/2 My readers are from the other side of the planet, they do not speak English as their native language, so I try to double up, and tell them both the word "Shot" and "Injection" because they want to learn...

But the word injection may need qualified by adding he word drug injection. It is so difficult to understand in another culture, I am quite sure diplomats, ambassadors, and every other person in the would just nods their heads and acts like they understand. I personally look in their eyes and try to see they understand, when I see they do not understand I state the phrase in a different way, I have done this so many times that I have eventually said to them, your English is so bad that we should speak in your Language.

If you speak English to a person that speaks another language than yours, and they never ask you to explain word you can guarantee they are nodding their heads and my not understand you, on the other hand if you do not notice that they do not understand and you may have severe problems with the word empathy. I personally like to think I am Counselor Deanna Troi of Star Trek the Next Generations Brother. An Empath, what a good person to be.