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2004-05-19 08:26:00

The ticket counter in Buffalo New York of Greyhound in their over-abundance of snide behavior tagged my bag to go to Buffalo. The bag was too heavy so I had to use one of my backpack organizers as a bag and separated the two, well these two bags have went to New York, City and around the East Coast before finally arriving two days later to their destination. All during this time I had a tracking number, that did NOT track anything. I could ask any Greyhound representative and they would not know where the bag was or when it would arrive. What a circle jerk, I have only had trouble in the USA with their systems while in countries where it is caveat emptor or what your [email protected]#$ or you will loose it I do not have trouble. Greyhound refuses to allow you to look watch or monitor your bag properly than you get told by the bus driver to watch your bag as you depart from the bus. Like do not ask questions, and do not do anything, but you are responsible.

Well, they did finally get my backpack and the backpack organizer to me. This organizer was not built for this type of treatment, and it held up extremely well, but I can guarantee the next model will handle this treatment with flying colors. This one did also, but with a lot of worry on my side.