Belize has these islands where you can take a boat between them and the whole trip between the islands you can see the bottom of the ocean and it is beautiful. I keep trying to find other places like this as Belize is sort of weird and too expensive in a way. I also think it is getting invade by tourist. I am hoping the Philippines is like this.

I am told the Simian Islands way off the coast of Thailand, straight out from Phuket are like this, but I could be remembering wrong. I studied in my Encarta Encyclopedia and they may be spelled Similan, of course this is just an English rendition of Thai words.



I am always talking to myself and I am often thinking about a lot of things other than my location. My dream travel is when I go look around for two hours per day and the rest of the day I just sit around day dreaming about anything I wish, or reading a book. I do spend too much time playing on my computer, but I enjoy this, so I guess that is ok.


I keep dwelling on how to travel in Europe and be happy. I can easily do a lot of work and travel in Europe, but to just roam around so far is impossible, before I come back again, I will:

1. Search the internet for a room in a home for 300 Euros, or

2. Come to Europe and buy a Van instantly in the first few days.

I think that England is the best choice, but Germany could be good also, France is out of the question as it is too congested and crowded. Spain just does not seem to have cars for some reason, they do, but only in England and in Germany have I seen used car lots.


I am here in Germany on Memorial Day weekend, and I was lucky enough to watch President Bush and Senator Dole give nice speeches to the dedication of WWII Memorial. I would say the German population is now our partner in freedom, but I will keep my eye on them nonetheless.

I feel very strong now as I have recouped from the last week of frustration at my inability to keep within my budge of 25 dollars per day here in Europe. I get very determined when this happens, because the future of my life and travel is dependent upon me making enough money to live and travel at the same time.

I am giving up on the donation idea of funding my travels as nobody give the one dollar requested, but that is ok as I still have enough money because of the ads on my site now. I still am working hard to find a way to sell some backpacks on the site.

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