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Members Fly to Europe for $150 Dollars


2004-05-21 07:55:00

I am in London, England.

Ate some Chips for old time sake. (Fat French Fries)

Put Mayo on them to remember the French.... hehehe

Staying in the Barmy Badger again and paying 16 pounds. I am afraid to do the conversion, oh I had better for lots of reasons.

16 British Pound = 28.41760 US Dollar

16 US Dollar (USD) = 9.00850 British Pound (GBP)

I got that from the money converter on my money page:

So I am paying 10 times the price of Thailand.

Living with 3 other people on a top bunk.

The quality of living just took a Nose-dive.

But my exercise has increased 10 fold so I can cut some weight after the convenient USA. There is no place in the world I walk more than in Europe.

The underdeveloped countries are so easy and convenient and Europe is so difficult. Always another payment.

A taxi across Bangkok is 3 Dollars U.S.

This is not the way to live.

But the Brits that live in the country, not the travelers outside the country, but the Brits that live in the country are very friendly, proper, and helpful. Plus there is enough people from India here to remind me of the other worlds.

If Peter purchased a car I will probably drive around Europe.

No car, and I am off to Genoa, Italy.

NOTE: He wants me to go with him to the MP.

I really do not want to see the Military Police, but maybe he means a Member of parliament. I love the world of acronyms the world of letters, what a way to not communicate.